The Great Federal Income Tax Scam

There is no 'written' law that says you owe any income tax on earnings. There isn't one liability provision in the income tax law/code that applies to you.

There is no law that allows the government (and IRS; which is really not part of the federal government, but a collection agency for the Federal Reserve Bank for the foreign bankers) to treat your earnings, your gross receipts, as net income. Your labor isNOT a profit that you received for nothing in exchange, like interest income on investments. Do they treat Wal-Mart's gross receipts like this. No way? The government wouldbe sued over and over and wouldn't want the bad publicity.

Our God-given Right to fundamentally earn a living–our labor–is Constitutionally exempt from federal taxation. And, that's according to the U.S. Supreme Court.

So, you ask: How can government pay its bills without the income tax? It doesn't pay its bills with your income tax. Never has. None of the taxes taken ILLEGALLY from you are used to pay for government services or programs–NONE! You hear of federal criminal tax evasion cases where the federal prosecutor fraudulently and falsely tells the jury that the defendant is willfully refusing to pay for the roads, the schools, and all sorts of programs. He falsely,and therefore, criminally, tampers with the jury by telling them that ifthe defendant is not paying his taxes,everyone else must pick up the slack, and the government can't run. It's all false!

The Grace Commission Report reveals that every penny taken from you is handed over to the Federal Reserve Bank, a privately owned bank that is owned and controlled by big money banking concerns, many of which are foreign. This is where the $13 TRILLION went, when everyone lost their shirts on their pensions and stock-market holdings. Yet, the Federal Reserve Bank refuses to answer questions to Congress or the press where the money went. Investigations of this are currently under way.

How would life be without ILLEGALLY applied income tax? Better for us, our states and even the federal government. Personal earningsflowing into every working household in America would improve our standard of living and cause local, state and national economies to go BOOM overnight, causing an immediate recovery from the current recession/stagflation.

The taking of up to 25% of every State's gross domestic product, by the federal government, would cease, allowing those resources to continue to circulate and fuel state and local economies–the ones that matter.

Everyone would be able to buy more consumer goods and be able to pay their house mortgages (and mortgage notes, if they can be found). Foreclosures would be greatly reduced, and since someone has to provide the goods and services that Americans could now afford with no income taxes, full employment would be achieved in weeks or months; not years or decades.

Increases in local and state revenues from the economic boom would make states independent of federal domination and control. Increased prosperity at home would boost local sales tax revenues and allow local and state governments to provide better roads and highways, better schools and libraries, and better public services, improving our way of life, even with tax reductions.

With the national economy booming if income taxes are eliminated, the federal government would recover most, if not all, "lost revenues" that were stolen by the Federal Reserve Bank. With the eighty0-plus other taxes and elimination of the need for grants to state and local government, property taxes would drop dramatically.

Since crime, divorce, child abuse, domestic violence, nonpayment of child support, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, etc. are directly related to the income tax burden, all of those social ills would be reduced substantially, providing a safer and happier society for all Americans. Check out the following website:

Not only is the federal income tax NOT NECESSARY, it is a threat to national security since it threatens government at all levels and threatens the safety and security of all Americans because it causes everyone to be beholden to foreign entities and weakens the financial base of the entire nation.

Bruce Eden

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