The Grandiose Socialist Scheme

…. as reflected by recent election results where voters revolted against the shackles of Socialism. They’re throwing the Socialists out of office along with their burdensome multicultural policies. The European economy is quickly being run into the ground due to excessive entitlements and a Third World Immigration that guarantees welfare without the requirement of assimilation. Once again, Socialism has proven to be unsustainable in the long term.

While an increasing amount of economies throughout the world are embracing Capitalism, America is marching towards a statist form of centrally planned, big government. Americans who accept the bribe of entitlements in exchange for their vote fail to heed the lesson that Socialism always leads to a sluggish economy, a marked increase in unemployment and a withering dependence on government.

A political philosophy based on power held by an elite few has taken root in the land. Career Politicians care infinitely more about controlling their own hold on power. Their campaign coffers are filled with money from powerful special interest groups. Maybe they wouldn’t turn a deaf ear to the American people if we stuffed the envelopes carrying our letters to them with cold, hard cash. It’s beginning to look like we exist simply to serve an oppressive government and powerful politicians.

What do we get from pandering Politicians who cater exclusively to the whims of extremists? Higher rates of taxation thanks to out of control federal spending, along with illogical, authoritative legislation that slows the economy and obstructs liberty. Exactly how oppressive must things become before Americans once again take up the cause of their own liberty? Are those shackles starting to feel a little snug?

The Democrats and their constant fear-mongering have forced a dangerous energy policy on our nation without thought to the future and without a failsafe plan to compensate for the impact of unforeseen events. As we endeavor to develop alternative fuel technology we should be building more refineries, drilling for oil and moving ahead with clean coal production. In other words, disengaging from our dependency on foreign oil.

Instead, Democrats in Congress have blocked every piece of legislation that would allow U.S. companies to explore new sources of petroleum under the banner of "not in our back yard." While we continue to be crushed at the gas pump and funnel billions of dollars into regimes that support terrorism, China with a nod from Cuba, has begun to drill for oil 50 miles off the Florida coastline.

Who would you rather have drilling off the coast of Florida? A U.S. company, subject to strict environmental protective measures, or the Chinese, notorious for snubbing environmental concerns? While Democrats and the eco-nazis who fund them are screaming about ‘No Zones’ in relation to domestic oil production, we’ve got two Communist countries teamed up and drilling in our backyard.

It’s already a well-documented fact that the Chinese are committed to controlling energy resources around the world. How long before the Chinese are entrenched south of border, drilling oil in Mexico?

Despite the climbing gas prices, Democrats continue to block every piece of legislation that would lead to greatly decreasing our dependence on foreign oil. The proposal of a ‘gas tax holiday’ reveals the layer upon layer of taxes that constitute the price of a gallon of gas. Although I welcome any opportunity to pay less in taxes, this ‘holiday’ is hardly a solution for our pump price woes.

Al Qaeda has already attempted to blow up Saudi Arabian oil facilities; what happens if they succeed? What if the Chinese strike a deal with Hugo Chavez and all but cut off the sale of oil to the U.S.? We’re sitting ducks thanks to the complete void of a realistic energy policy. The ‘gas tax holiday’ won’t save us from the fallout of an oil embargo, which is why we should be drilling for oil. The "not in my backyard" approach to a national energy policy is naïve and puts our country at great risk. In line with typical, liberal, self-righteous behavior, it’s perfectly fine for other countries to drill in their backyard and sell their oil to us.

The "Green" passion that has taken the nation by storm strikes me as kind of a ‘pet rock’ sensation due to the mania all around it. Living clean and green is indeed responsible, but it’s touted as a solution and by itself, it’s won’t solve the complicated energy crisis. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with being ‘Green’ I just don’t like the message behind the campaign. Underscoring the happy, butterfly joy of going ‘Green’ is a menacing threat, go ‘Green’ or else….

Nature conservation, organic farming and taking responsibility for our environment is nothing new. What is new, are the taxation and legislation schemes behind the ‘Green’ mantle that enable the government to control our choices and pick our pockets.

In reality, being ‘Green’ won’t be on anyone’s mind if a couple of unforeseen world events suddenly topple the importation of oil into this country. Why not skip along the ‘Green’ garden path minus the threats, the punitive mandates and oppressive carbon tax legislation? For purposes of national security we need to develop domestic oil resources during our transition to alternative fuel sources.

While we’re at it, we need to reverse all those small-minded "not in our backyard" energy policies. I don’t know about you, but I’m outraged that while the Chinese are drilling for oil 50 miles off the U.S. coast we’re fighting off an insane 1.3 trillion dollar carbon tax legislation.

Throwing money at problems won’t fix them, but try telling that to a politician who is up to his or her ears in environmental extremist pay-off money. A mature, reality-based energy policy that protects Americans and the economy is what this country needs.

The question we must ask ourselves is why are these people still holding power? It is up to us to preserve our rights and retain our liberty. Too many Americans don’t even know the name of their representatives. This apathetic ignorance plays right into the hands of an authoritarian Leftist regime focused on denying Americans the right to participate in their own government. Economic suffocation by the Left has been slow and deliberate, but we’ve allowed it to happen.

If you’re unfamiliar with who your representatives are, pick up the phone book, you’ll find their names and their contact information in the ‘Government’ section. For the moment, we still have a representative government so while you still can, drop them a line and let them know exactly where you stand on the issues. It’s our responsibility and the future of this nation depends on American citizens reminding elected officials that they answer to us.

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