The George Soros/Obama Fraud Behind The BP Spill & Resulting Actions Taken

… telling alleged President Barack INSANE Obama what to do. With regard to the British Petroleum ("BP")offshore deepwater oil disaster on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, the Center for American Progress instructed the White House (Obama & his administration) in May 2010 to set up meetings about the oil spill disaster.

The Center for American Progress than instructed the White House to impose a moratorium on all offshore drilling (deepwater and shallow water). The Center for American Progress instructed and set up the media coverage for the White House (Obama) regarding the government's actions on the oil spill. The Center for American Progress instructed the White House (Obama) to set up the multi-Billion dollar escrow account for BP damages that will be used to pay the Louisiana and other Gulf residents for lost income, lost business, loss of environment, and loss of property due to the oil spill disaster.

The White House (Obama & his administration) do nothing without direction by George Soros and the Center for American Progress. With regard to the oil industry issues, here's why. Brazil will now be allowed to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, while American oil companies are prohibited from drilling. Remember, Obama imposed the offshore drilling moratorium for six (6) months (and undoubtedly, longer).

The Brazilian-owned oil company, Petrobras, will be allowed to drill deeper and have more wells drilling even deeper than the BP Deepwater Horizon did. George Soros owns a $900 Million stake in Petrobras. And, Petrobras was just given a $2 Billion loan from the Obama administration. This $2 Billion loan, essentially given to George Soros, is taxpayers' monies. This is also criminal fraud and theft by extortion of the American taxpayers on a grand scale.

Furthermore, some of the offshore drilling equipment owned by American oil companies will be sold to Petrobras for this very deep drilling. The United States will not be allowed to drill for oil, either in deepwater or shallow water, but Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela and even China will be allowed to drill in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of the United States. This is an act of treason and sedition by the Obama administration because it is a threat to our oil industry, threat to our national security, and destruction of an entire industry.

It is time to charge George Soros, Barack INSANE Obama, the Center for American Progress, and anyone else involved, for treason and sedition for infringing on and threatening national security for profit. Soros and the Obama Gang need to be also charged with and arrested for RICO for criminal acts against the American people by manipulating the government and oil industry through extortion and fraud for profit and gain.

Bruce Eden

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