The Foxes Have Complete Access To The Hen House

… amazed, blown away, and really ticked off all at the same time.

Once again the hypocrisy, the arrogance, and the downright hubris of the Elitist Crooks in Washington is laid out in front of us and no one seems to be doing anything about it.

The very senators who are supposed to be working to overhaul the health care system (read that destroy our health care system) have very close financial connections to the very industry they are supposed to be reworking.

Jackie Clegg Dodd, the wife of senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut sits on the board of 4 health care companies.

Mrs. Dodd last year was one of the most highly compensated non-employee members of the Javelin Pharmaceuticals Inc. board, on which she has served SINCE2004. According to the company's SEC filings, she earned $32,000.00 in fees and $109,587.00 in stock option awards last year.

Mrs. Dodd earned $79,063.00 in fees from Cardiome Pharma during its' last fiscal year, and Brookdale Senior Living gave her $122,231.00 in stock options in 2008, according to their SEC filings.

She earned no income as a director of Pear Tree Pharmaceuticals, but does hold $15,000.00 worth of stock in Pear Tree according to that company's SEC filings.

The good senator's spokesman released a statement claiming that nothing about his wife's career is relevant to his leadership role in health care reform efforts. Oh really? Is this the same senator Dodd who is under investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee over the sweetheart mortgage he got from Countrywide Inc. (of course the senator's standard reply was "I have done nothing wrong")?

Democrats Jay Rockefeller and Tom Harkin, as well as Republicans Tom Coburn, Judd Gregg, John Kyle and Orrin Hatch are also in itup to their eyeballs.

Are you clowns trying to tell us that you can walk through the barnyard and not come out with smelly brown boots up to your knees?

Toro de Caca!! El Toro Poo Poo!!! BS!!!!

Please don't waste our time and your breath insulting the intelligence of the American people, we are not as dumb as you think we are.

Keep one thing in mind, the mid-term elections are not that far away and unless I am very much mistaken, you Elitist BOOBS are in for a very rude awakening, it is called unemployment.

Incumbents in the past have enjoyed a 90% re-election rate, but I think that is about to change (change We can believe in).

I could list a whole litany of connections these Ganefs (thieves, swindlers, fast operators, take your pick) have to health care companies and pharmaceuticals, but I would be at this keyboard all night and then some.

Meanwhile the "anointed One" found time to go to Green Bay Wisconsin to hold a town hall meeting to bang the drum for his healthcare plan which will bring us ever closer to national bankruptcy (a headline in my local paper the Review Journal in Las Vegas 2" high banner "Obama calls for quick action", whats the hurry turkey?). I wonder how much fuel he burned up with a round trip in Air Force One?

The Secretary of Health and Human Services was in Omaha Nebraska, delivering the same load of fertilizer.

One little aside: It seems the "Anointed One" has decreed from on high that all captured fighters on the battlefield Must (must mind you) be given their Miranda Rights (they are not citizens you idiot).

This jive talkin sidewalk commando couldn't find his butt with both hands and a map.


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