The First Americans

To build a nation like no

other, where people from

every land could live together.

Where for the common

good of all . . .

they created the Declaration

of Independence -cast

freedoms dice and let them fall.

The First Americans swore on their

very lives to defend the things set forth

in the Declaration until the end.

Since July 4, 1776, Americans

have seen many changes on the

surface of our land . . .

The First Americans ,if they were

living today, would be proud of

America's offspring for keeping

alive their heartfelt dream.

On this day, two-hundred-thirty-six

years ago, a new nation was born

A new breed of people was created

to defend the rights of all, regardless

of freedom's cost.

Stand proud American . . .

Raise high the Red, White, and Blue

The America Spirit that moved the

First Americans now lives inside of


11:05am July 4, 2012

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