The End of Days

….snows of the mountains, our forefathers gave their lives so that we can enjoy the G-D given Human Rights, they are clearly individual freedoms. These are now being stripped away day by day, month by month, year upon year, and yet there is no sound of alarm, are we going to go the way of Rome, the buffalo, the Indian or the Dodo Bird? Not with a bang but a whimper, please says it isn’t so, are we just going to lie down and die?

Today! With total disregard of those lives given up for us, the hardships the sacrifices, that they endured for US, the men at valley forge in the dead of winter, with no shoes and no food. They had eaten their leather shoes earlier to keep from starving, how many of you would be willing to do that today in order to protect our freedoms and your posterity, I ask.

Next, on to Yorktown where the historic defeat of the mightiest army in the world and the surrender of the British General, George Cornwallis, at Yorktown; as the British left the battle field the song they played was ‘THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN’, is that now going to be Americas’ song?

And thereafter Americans had the bloodiest battle of all, the civil war, where over half a million Americans killed each other for what Slavery? Now the ex slaves will attempt to slay their ex masters like they did in

Haiti, and other places around the globe. We have our fine men and women that have been serving in wars around the globe, but I think most of them have been led astray, by thinking they were dying for our country, when all the time it was for the military-industrial complex the multi nationals, the bankers the globalists and all of the others feeding at the trough including many of the so-called religions, starting with the insidious Catholic Church. More blood has been shed in the name of religion than any other cause can’t there be just one god? And leave it at that, well; my guy is better than your guy, Muhammad, Jesus, Abraham etc. I guess that is how they keep us occupied and up in arms and killing each other day after day century after century if we haven’t learned by now how to live together in harmony, do you think humans we ever will?

The evil forces have used many resources to destroy this experiment called the

USA and not to mention mankind. Get rid of white Christians and neuter the men, destroy the family, I think I have read this scenario before, the powers to be keep bringing in more Muslims saying they are a peaceful religion. I can tell how peaceful they are when I saw people jumping out of the world trade center rather than burn to death, and journalists beheaded. Why? Because they deserved it, That's why! No! It's the Koran -of the peaceful religion- which states that it is the duty of a Muslim to kill all non-believers. Now, that's why! The millions of people from third world countries brought here in order to dilute American culture and to prepare the way for a complete takeover, it is total insanity, many American’s can see it coming. But then I think we have known this was going to happen.


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