I was virtually born in church a bit more than eighty years ago and have been a "born again" Christian since I was a little kid. So I know the Christian lingo and all the cute phrases – and I also know that what is perfectly intelligible to my Christian readers may not make a lot of sense to those not familiar with the vernacular.

So – some definitions. When I say "God" I am referring to the Judeo/Christian God Almighty of the Bible. The same God the U.S. Founding Fathers recognised as being the essential foundation on which to build the new nation. I am an Aussie – and we didn’t have that benefit – and it shows.

When I say Bible – I mean that publication that has been subjected to more scrutiny than any other publication in history – and it has still come out on top. It contains more fact and life building and nation stabilising information than any other document ever to have existed, It has stood the test over a very long period of time.

I say that God Almighty is the Creator of EVERYTHING. Design so brilliant, the further researchers go, the more they discover they cannot understand. The poor folk who so desperately try to kid themselves that they and everything in existence is just an accident – will not be part of our considerations. That notion is just too mindlessly ridiculous to waste time with. You can’t get rid of God – so why try.

I say that God Almighty holds everything together and causes it to run with a precision that can be calculated backwards and forwards for centuries – millennia in fact – with absolute accuracy.

I say that trying to run the Creator And Sustainer Of Everything out of town on a rail – is not a very smart thing to do. The TV news this evening will verify that.

I say that the factual historical Jesus has survived more scrutiny and more attempts to discredit him, than any person in history. The cross is an indisputable fact of history – and his resurrection has survived every attempt to ridicule it. The fact is – he is alive right now at this time and can be known as intimately as any person with whom you have a relationship. There is no point in trying to wave fancy psycho phrases around. They don’t work.

I say Holy Spirit is alive and active on Planet Earth right now – and what he is doing can be seen in nations where God has been outlawed – as thousands of people every day are turning to God as Holy Spirit moves across the nations.

Our nations are in a shocking mess. Folk who read the articles in this publication will be aware of some of what is going on in the background. There are other e-publications like NVW who daily draw our attention to the shenanigans going on in back rooms – and those right out in the open right now.

Unless something drastic happens in somewhat of a hurry – our Western nations are toast. We have been done like a dinner. They’ve got us right where they want us.

All of which is leading up to this – the problem is NOT political. It is NOT financial. It is NOT oil or any other form of greed. It is not the NWO mob.


No – don’t reach for the delete button. Human people on their own are not smart enough or stupid enough to have come up with the insane mess we are saddled with at this point in history. I will say no more on the source of the spiritual mess in this article. More later.


Everything else has been tried, and none of it has worked. In fact – the very things that were supposed to solve the problems have only added to it.

One more time – don’t reach for the delete button just yet.

The entity God Almighty established on Planet Earth to be the stabiliser and regulator of people and nations is – wait for it – the Christian Church.

But the real thing. Not the ersatz pretence we have in the Western world now. The Church Jesus said he would build was able to destroy the satanic operations – which are the source of our problems. He said the Church would stabilise the nations. The Church was the salt of the Earth, a city on a hill. And it also operated in the supernatural sphere in that it is intended that "through the church, the complicated, many sided wisdom of God in all its infinite variety and innumerable aspects might now be made known to the angelic rulers and authorities – principalities and powers – in the heavenly sphere".

Well – it’s not happening in the Western world at this time. The Western Church is the ultimate fizzer.

But wait.

Scattered around the world are the ones and twos who have been put aside by God Almighty for such a time as this. These are the men and women who have allowed Holy Spirit to develop them into being what amounts to being duplicates of Jesus. That is what is supposed to have been happening since Day One of the Church.

And at this critical time – it is these folk who walk and talk with God Almighty who are the ones who hold the key to our national turn-around. These folk have the ear of God. These folk are holding up their nation before God and crying for mercy for our nations. And that is what is happening at this point. As these folk assemble in their neighbourhoods – they are there as the representation of God Almighty in the neighbourhood. As these assemblies unite in the presence of God – they are the representation of God Almighty in their nation.

I am not expecting the national destruction that has been planned for the past two hundred years to come to fulfilment. I am expecting the Body of Christ – which is made up of these folk God has been preparing for this time – to exercise the authority they are given – and reverse the whole thing.

And believe me – there are things going on in our nations that are not only going to be reversed, but which will experience the wrath of God for the slaughter and destruction of homes and families – and people – and our nations. God will not be mocked.

The urgent call at this time is for Father’s genuine family people to attach themselves with others who also have been set aside – and give full attention to attaining the development we are all expected to reach. I mean – that is the basics. We start there. But time is not on our side. There needs to be a deliberate discarding of the distractions right now – and set our hearts on knowing God. He can be known. Trust Holy Spirit to open things up for you.

That’s all for this time, but because of the urgency of our situation – the sooner someone gets serious with God – the sooner we will see things begin to turn around.

Laurence Lilley


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