The DemocratRepublican Party:

….I remember him telling me that Republicans were mainly for cutting taxes but he wasn’t sure what the Democrats stood for. Years later as we stand on the verge of seeing history being made with the swearing in of the nations first black President being sworn into office I can’t help but continue to ponder that question of What is the difference between the Democrat and Republican Party?

The Democrats like to portray themselves as the party for the working class. They like to try and reach out to those hard working souls on the assembly line trying to make a buck. The Republicans believe free trade. The Democrats believe in the need for a strong safety net for those who have lost their jobs because of business failure of because of jobs going over seas otherwise known as welfare. Republicans believe in government reform and limited welfare benefits. Democrats also favor trade policies that at least try and keep jobs here in the US. But when you think about their nick name of being labeled liberal their belief keeping the current manufacturing base is really a conservative one.The Republicans also believe in limited government interference on issues of trade. So on some issues the Democrats are the real conservatives. On the issue of taxes everyone presumes that Democrats are out to raise taxes on everyone no matter what. But that is not really the case since Democrats would really give the middle class a tax cut. But in this day and age at what income level would a person be considered middle class? Someone making a hundred fifty thousand to two hundred thousand? Is that the new middle class? it's sad to note that the value of the dollar has fallen so much that we now consider those levels middle class. It use to be during the go-go years of the 1950's and 1960's that the middle class was defined as anyone making on the range of fifty thousand to seventy five thousand dollars was middle class. But not now. If you are making fifty to seventy five thousand dollars now you are considered to be the working poor. What do the Democrats mean that they want to give middle class a tax cut? Do they really mean that they want to give the working poor a tax cut? The Republicans on the other hand continue in their belief that giving tax cuts to the rich would help spur economic growth.

The Republicans continue to be the party of smaller government and fewer taxes. The perception of the Democrats continues to be the party of big government. Yet, all this is being turned on its ear as President Obama talks about cutting taxes and fiscal restraint. What? This coming from a Democrat? Sounds like he is drinking the Republican cool aid and eating their lunch too. President Obama sounds to me like he has become a DemocratRepublican, further blurring the difference of party lines. Further more a DemocratRepublican believes in restoring the manufacturing base of America. Maybe President Obama should appoint Pat Buchanan as commerce sectary so that he can have some one in his cabinet that really understands how to bring real jobs back to America. There are more people affiliated with either party who could be part of the DemocratRepublican party rather than being called a Rino (Republican in name only) or Dino(Democrat in name only) . What this all means for the electorate is greater confusion as to which party really stands for what.

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