The Degradation of Women by Feminist Extremists

…from the repressive identity that reduced a woman’s worth to her body parts. Those tough-minded Suffragettes, pioneers of the women’s movement, risked everything in the fight for rights and equal treatment under the law for American women. Feminist Extremists have squandered that legacy with an assault on the dignity of women and a dark retreat to the repressive past by claiming that a woman’s worth is defined by and limited to her body as propagandized in the demeaning production known as ‘The Vagina Monologues’.

The annual goose step onto college campuses of this exercise in female degradation is announced every Valentine’s day with shock value PR tactics such as 40-foot inflatable vaginas. This offensive strike against traditional values is actually an overt attempt to hijack the romance associated with this day and replace it with a message of male-bashing and sexual deviance. In textbook leftist style, supporters of the play cloak their attack on values and morality under the guise of promoting awareness about violence against women. In reality, the play is a non-stop obsession with a body part and imparts zero information regarding the defense against or recovery from a violent attack.

While it’s true that the play has raised funds, it is also abundantly clear that several groups that have nothing to do with the provision of services for battered women, including abortion providers, benefit from the cash raised. Promoters of the play peddle their pornographic, anti-male propaganda behind a smokescreen of feel-good phrases like ‘empowerment’, ‘breaking the silence’, ‘liberating women’ and ‘provocative’. The term ‘provocative’ is a rather benign description of vignettes that feature pedophilia and sexual perversion. As far as the dollar amount raised by the production; it’s an unfortunate reality that pornography sells. The real question is why would legitimate charities accept donations from a production that degrades women much like the violence these battered women have endured?

The playwright, Eve Ensler glorifies lesbian statutory rape with a demoralizing depiction of a 13-year old girl who is first plied with vodka and then raped by a 24-year old lesbian. This is not empowering, it’s a criminal act. The rape of a child is beyond depraved. In reality, this young person would most likely be set-up for a lifetime of dysfunction. Survivors go through hell for years on end grappling with difficult issues that include deep-seated problems with self-esteem and often there is an ongoing battle with addiction. Sexual deviance is not empowering it is simply demoralizing and can wound a woman’s soul for a lifetime. To date, no miraculous recoveries from the horror of child rape have occurred after the frenzied chanting of the word “cunt” as is encouraged in ‘The Vagina Monologues’.

No devoted, rank and file leftist is worth their tainted salt if they fail to take a swipe at the Catholic Church. You’re not considered part of the club if this rite of passage is left undone. In ‘The Vagina Monologues’ actresses describe “Vagina Sightings and Miracles”, an ugly, rapacious smear against sightings of the Blessed Mother that have been attested to, by the faithful in locations such as Lourdes, France. Ensler scored high with secular progressives by employing this standard bashing method against the Catholic veneration of the Virgin Mary.

Along with the outright condemnation of men as little more than misogynist predators; Ensler takes it further and portrays them as one-dimensional characters who are either lewd adulterers or violent rapists. Supporters of the play falsely claim that an anti-male bias does not exist. When challenged with an anti-male charge, promoters fire back with a claim that opponents to the play just hate sex. Talk about a bizarre, pointless, out of left field comeback! This makes no sense whatsoever, but then again this is what you get when you debate haters of traditional values. They don’t debate, they assassinate. A long standing inability to debate on merit requires the ‘oh so tedious’ fall back on smears and name calling.

All opposition to the ‘Vagina Monologues’ is met with hysterical claims from the left about censorship. It’s funny that the censorship specialists – the left – are first to throw the concept out there. After all, they’re the ones that routinely censor discussions with career ending threats; can you say intelligent design? They’re the ones that have censored textbooks to remove the phrase “mom and dad”; they’re the ones that must remove all references to God as dictated by their dehumanizing, statist agenda. I call them as I see them and last time I looked I still have the right to speak out against the rubbish, the cultural rot and the disingenuous promotion of this play that is inherently anti-male, as well as degrading to women.

The overt sexualization of our children and our culture is part of the leftist grand design. Demoralize, de-sensitive and ultimately dehumanize. Destroy culture, remove God, demonize morality and eventually, it erodes the soul. Telling me that I’m repressed because I see this play as an attack on culture is a fundamentally weak argument and lacks foundation in truth. By the way, those of us opposed to this play, fail to be impressed with your roster of Hollywood endorsements. Essentially, it’s meaningless because opposition to the play in Hollywood would result in black listing. The left looks ridiculous lecturing its opponents on censorship, when they engage in it all the time.

Recently, I participated in a public protest against the production of ‘The Vagina Monologues’ at our local theater, along with five other like-minded individuals. We attended a televised city council meeting and read aloud from the play after announcing in advance that the material would not be suitable for minors. We hoped to bring awareness to the degrading and deviant subject matter of the play to a public that was only being told that the play was “provocative”. It is noteworthy to mention because when the sales office at the theater was contacted regarding the appropriateness of the material for minors, they responded by saying that ticket sales were open to children of all ages.

Our protest was reported in the local papers in a ‘tongue in cheek’ fashion. The op-ed pieces in response to our protest seemed to be penned by teenagers who used words like ‘celebrate’ and ‘diversity’ in their hyper letters of support for the play. Although I know we have supporters out there, they’re allowing the left to intimidate them into silence. Watching us get raked over the coals of political correctness was just too distasteful. In the long run, a price will be paid for allowing immorality that is devastating our culture and our youth, to move forward unchecked.

‘The Vagina Monologues’ has nothing to do with the empowerment of women. It is the crude fantasy of a woman who claims to have spoken with over 200 women in relation to the play – who may or may not even exist. She was worried about her vagina and what it would wear if it went out. Unfortunately, this play and the attack on our culture is being welcomed, relatively unchallenged onto college campuses and small town theaters across the nation. One organization that has stood up to empower women and oppose the degradation wrought by ‘The Vagina Monologues’ is The Claire Booth Luce Policy Institute. They have put together an organized, informed systematic protest uniquely suited for use on college campuses. The point is that we cannot allow the unhinged concepts of the God-less left to be entrenched into the minds of our youth without engaging them in the battle for hearts and minds. The true empowerment of a woman lies in the development of her soul, her mind and her physical and creative self; not the obsession with a single body part.

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