The Day The World:”Will See Peace”

by George T. Weir –

From the Book of Isaiah,…”And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people; and they shall beat their swords into plow-shears, and their spears into pruning-hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more”…Ever since Isaiah penned these words many years ago, a large majority of the people have been waiting for this day, but, the day isn’t here yet, but we that believe that the day will come, keep looking forward.

What will those that seek power, and seek to rule over their people do in that day, will they willingly give up their will to the creator, an except the fact that he is Lord in that day?

The world has never experienced such a time of peace, and for many it’s a hard concept to except, “Peace on Earth”.

There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t hear of war and rumors of war, and murders in our own streets, and dictators from around the world going to war against their own people just for the pleasure of having power over them, and believing in their own right,…”They are God”

Even in our own Nation, we have elected officials that we have given great authority and power, with the understanding that they make laws and judge in fairness, but what do they do? They take this authority and use it for their own well-being, such as, “Pass laws that drive the Nation into a debt that can never be paid, and they pass laws that for all intent an purposes are designed to separate the people and cause division, and if this isn’t enough, because of this authority, they seek to make our “Supreme Court’’ bow to their twisted (ideology), and scrap the words of our Constitution, and attempts re-writing it’s precepts.

To such a Government, Morality is but a concept that is better served to be under the banner of “Government knows Best”. They believe The “Ten Commandments” are a thing of the past, and shouldn’t be displayed in any public area.

We live in a day when people take to the streets in protest when they have a grievance with authority, they cause havoc, and seek to destroy the lives and lively-hood of those that want to live in peace and make a living for their family.

Nations are in the process of building larger bombs that are only intended to kill and to destroy. I wonder, what will they do when the Lord sets his foot upon the earth and proclaims ,”No More Wars”. Will this come as a blessing to the powers that be, or will they consider it a curse?

According to “Holy Scripture” they will go into the Mountains to hide in fear.
I am not so for out of touch so as to believe all men will welcome that day, but those that seek peace for all mankind will be looking for the “Great Day of The Lord.” And they will see it and rejoice, but those that seek dominion will suddenly realize that have no kingdom.

As we look at the World condition as it is now, we wonder, how can this ever be? A world without any wars, and all men women and children living in harmony with one another, and the beast of the field roaming their domain without fear, and the enemy that has caused people to hate and to fear will be destroyed ; the world will be at peace.

One only has to look at the existence of world, and except the fact that there is a Creator. And at the time he say’s “Peace to all Men” the people will turn their swords into plow-shears and learn war no more.

But until that time, Nations will rise up against Nation, men will rise up and seek power and rule over the week and cause division, but to those that look for that “Great day of the Lord” will seek peace in every way they can, and respect the “Commandments of the Lord” in their daily lives, and continue to promote strong family’s and live a life that respects (Life).

George T. Weir

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