The Case Of Gary Harvey: An Unsolved Mystery

… his wife and even people who then didn't know him or Sara at the time. He suffered a traumatic brain injury. The world suffered the loss of his presence and the loss of innocence. Soon, trusting people would find themselves faced with the harsh reality they had thought to be mere extremists chatter.

Guardianship abuses can even involve the courts and system once setup to protect the vulnerable but that have become too powerful and without true accountability.

"Death Panels" really do exist.

The bubble burst. The fantasies dismantled. It was time to see the realities of how it really works, or can really work. (Some get waivers from the new mindset rules or procedure — many don't — Gary Harvey was one of the don'ts.)

From what it appears, an attorney that was suppose to represent Sara (and therefore Gary) bailed just before the hearing. One would think this would call for one of those continuances that can be given out and often is. Instead, Sara stood alone before the court and with challengers who were well versed in the way the court and system works. She hadn't a chance. Gary became a ward and it wasn't Sara that was to be the guardian.

Long story short…

Six years and bit later, here we are and there Gary is.

Gary was in the nursing home, but was transferred to St. Joseph hospital where he lays in isolation at the hands of those (guardians et al) that really don't seem to give much care to what he would want or how he is treated. The guardians are, after all, the rulers and the ones that have say over all things — they do know best, you know. That's what they seem to think at least and what they try to tell us we must also think. Wrong again!

On the surface, it might seem reasonable that Sara must have done something wrong or the court and system couldn't have simply taken guardianship from her. That's on the surface. Digging a little deeper brings out a little more of what really happened and what is really going on. Surprise! It ain't all cut and dry.

Sara is accused of abuse, or that is the story often passed along and few seem to actually check into the facts per real records and per real common sense.

Let's see…

Sara supposedly went against medical advice (like we can't all decide to go against medical advice if we don't agree with it, since doctors haven't yet become the all-knowing here on earth).

Sara took Gary out on the grounds in his wheel chair, which she had permission to do. Suddenly, it became against the rules, but no one apparently bothered to tell her. Her fault though. That's what we are to believe.

Supposedly, (and this is the one that I find really chuckling and a challenge to common sense), Sara tried to feed Gary Jell-O. I keep asking where that Jell-O went then. Either Gary Harvey swallowed (which the system people say is impossible) that Jell-O evidence or it didn't happen. They can't have it both ways. Never mind, they apparently got to have it both ways.

Let's don't forget that allegedly Sara cut a breathing tube. Well, that's what it was made to sound like anyways. Never mind that Gary isn't on a ventilator or a respirator — we know what many readers will interpret it all as such. What she cut was a defective trachea fish line that wasn't keeping a bulb inflated as it was designed to do to prevent wrongful-things from going into the lungs. A defective line she had complained about for how long and was ignored? Oh, at least a couple of weeks.

Let's not forget another few little issues that seem to float out there and not grasped…

A nurse was present. Sara said she was going to cut the line. The nurse shrugged. Sara cut the line in the nurse's presence. Nothing was done until hours later. However, when something was done — they did what they should have done at the onset — replaced the defective equipment.

Sara's actions, in this particular case and in this particular medical situation, did not put her husband in danger — the defective equipment did.

(This is not advised even by Sara who wishes she had found a different method to get them to replace the defective equipment. Other cases may be entirely different and could be life threatening. Don't do it just for in case it is the wrong thing to do.)

Anyway, back to the story.

These righteous people that supposedly have Gary's best interest at heart, decided he was terminal and petitioned the court to starve and dehydrate him to death. It was his wife, Sara, that fought desperately to prevent that happening. The court, perhaps due to media attention, decided the execution by starving and dehydrating wasn't going to take place, but the DNR and wrongful guardianship apparently weren't even reviewed, much less lifted.

Let's see…

Gary can't go home and be under the care of his wife, because she took him out for a stroll as she always did.

Gary can't go home because someone alleged Sara tried — against medical advice — to feed him jello, though he either swallowed it (and the doctors were wrong) or it didn't happen.

No one thought the defective fish line was any big deal, until it seemed they could use it against Sara. (Even if she did it the wrong way — she got it fixed for Gary.)


Sara has spent hours upon hours trying to find a way to get her husband home, where he would want to be, yet she is treated as the bad guy by the system. This makes sense how?

The system peoples petitioned the court to kill off Gary by starving and dehydrating him to death. With this in mind, they feel what need to protect Gary and from what? What is it that they think Sara could possibly do to her husband that is far worse than starving and dehydrating him to death?

Perhaps none of this is a matter of caring well for Gary or protecting him from potential outside harm. Perhaps, instead, the need for the system people to hold on to Gary is something we should all wonder about and demand an answer to.

Simply put… why can't he go home to live or die? It doesn't make sense that he can't! It simply doesn't!



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