The Case: For The U.S. Military Support Of The Republic Of South Sudan

… on The

Republic of

South Sudan.

President Barak Hussein Obama will need to make a choice if he and

America will stand by the North Sudanese Islamist President Omar al-Bashir or the The Democratic Republic of South Sudan.

SudaneseOnline reports, on

April 24, 2012, “Al-Bashir…reiterated that there will be no return to talking with

South Sudan unless its ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) is gone."One of us has to go" he said before adding that our “dialogue with these people will be through the gun because they only understand the language of the gun.”

In the same article al-Bashir says, “I direct the army to restore [our] rights and repulse any aggression from the Sudan People’s Liberation Army [SPLA] of the south on any inch of the country and at any time” Bashir declared while addressing dozens of ululating Sudanese troopers at the station of Martyr Al-Fadil in Heglig on Monday.”

President Barak Obama called for an end to violence which fell on deaf ears. President al-Bashir’s call for Jihad against the

Republic of

South Sudan has been publicly spoken as per Islamic doctrine therefore, it is only a matter of time before a full fledged Jihadist war breaks out against the democratic South. It is not a matter of “if” but “when.”

Election Issue For November


United States, has a long history of defending Democratic governments when under threat of military attack. The free and Democratic Republic of South

Sudan deserves the military protection of the United States Government if and when they request it.

The NY Times March 17, 2012 ran a story that actor George Clooney, Rep. James Moran of Virginian, were among a dozen protestors arrested in front of the Sudanese Embassy in Washington. Clooney and others were concerned the Sudanese conflict would cause, “a real humanitarian disaster” and a possible famine if aid does not reach the refugees.

George Clooney and friends should be commended for being the voice of the voiceless Sudanese refugees. However, Clooney and his liberal friends are missing the cause of the humanitarian crisis and what is necessary to stop the problem at the source. The source of the problem is the


State of

North Sudan and an Islamic doctrine rooted in the doctrine of Sacred Space. Clooney and Rep. Moran should read the next paragraph very closely. The doctrine of Sacred Space is one of those secrets about Islamic doctrine Islamic leadership does not want the infidel Americans to know about.

The Doctrine Of Sacred Space

Clare Lopez, senior fellow at the Center For Security Policy, has stated the


State of

North Sudan’s motivations for war against the

Republic of

South Sudan could be founded in the Islamic doctrine called The doctrine of Sacred Space. The book Shariah The Threat to

America, Team B2, p.91 explains Waqf this way.

“Land already conquered and occupied by Muslims as well as any space ever gained in the past for the forces of the faith are waqf and considered sacred ground, endowed by Allah to the…Muslim people forever…If ever such space has been lost, it is the duty of all Muslims to regain it, by Jihad, if necessary.”

In the case of South Sudan Clare Lopez has taken the Waqf concept and aptly applied it to The Doctrine of Sacred Space. Ms. Lopez states, “The Doctrine of Sacred Space is a derivative concept…that can be understood from Islamic authorities’ statements, fatwas, and action.” Followers of Islam take very seriously retaking land they had once conquered – Allah commands it and Muslims follow without question, debate, or hesitation.

Clare Lopez concludes her analysis with, “I would say simply that

North Sudan fights

South Sudan for Jihad. That's what it is. The concept of waqf or Sacred Space is part of why the Islamic North still fights the Christian South even after they've formally won independence, and are accepted by the international system. Jihad is what motivated

North Sudan from the beginning, even when

South Sudan was still part of the overall country – it was Arab Muslim north vs Christian/animist south. As scholar Samuel Huntington said, "Islam has bloody borders and bloody innards, too."

All diplomatic efforts for peace and coexistence by the South Sudanese are only temporary and non-binding in the world view of the followers of Islam, including Omar al-Bashir. The plot of land called The Republic of South Sudan is sacred land and was given to the Islamic North by Allah. The Islamic North Sudan will try and reclaim the

South Sudan as Allah’s divine law instructs them do.

For President Barak Hussein Obama to publicly call for a peaceful outcome is disingenuous at best and outright deception at worst. On

February 27, 2007 speaking to Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times, President Obama said, “The Muslim call to prayer is one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” Kristof goes on to report Obama recited the Muslim call to prayer “with a first-class [Arabic] accent.”

The Muslim call to prayer translation is:

Allah is the greatest (4x)

I bear witness that there is no God but Allah (2x)

I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah (2x)

Come to salat (ritual prayer) (2x)

Come to success (2x)

Allah is greatest (2x)

There is no God but Allah

President Obama in the Kristof interview displays a conceptual understanding of Islamic doctrine and theology. It is only logical that President Obama would understand the concept of Islamic Sacred Land because it to has been around as long as the call to prayer has been in existence. As a self proclaimed Christian President Barak Obama with his knowledge of Islamic doctrine should know the serious situation the South Sudanese are in.

The Question is will President Obama side with the Islamic North Sudan or the free

Republic of

South Sudan. Or will President Obama do nothing and force the

Republic of

South Sudan to succeed or be slaughtered as

America once again sits on the sidelines.

United States Disengagement


United States had stayed on the sidelines since 2005 during the Muslim versus Christian Sudanese civil war that resulted in over 2 million deaths. After a long and bloody conflict the Christian dominated

Republic of

South Sudan created a free Democratic Republic all on their own without any significant

United States help economically and or militarily.

The Christian dominated South Sudanese spilled considerable amounts of blood to win their freedom and liberty from the Islamist North. The American military did not have to win the hearts and minds of the South Sudanese by planting the seed of freedom and liberty as our Rules of Engagement are being practiced wherever American forces are stationed in Islamic countries. The South Sudanese embraced the Western concept of Freedom and

Liberty due to one overriding factor – they were not slaves to Allah.

Why The United States is Failing in the

Middle East


United States is currently executing a counter insurgency (COIN) in just about every Islamist country in the

Middle East. The objective of COIN is to win the hearts and minds of the Islamic world either militarily or culturally. The conventional wisdom President Bush stated with COIN after 9/11 was good intentioned but fatally flawed.

President Bush believed that all men and women would embrace a government model that was free versus non-free every time. President Bush may not have had a clear understanding that the followers of Islam believe the divinely inspired Qur’an and Shariah Islamiyya (Islamic Law) is superior to ALL man made laws including our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

President Bush believed in pluralism without taking into account a political system that believes their set of laws were inspired by Allah. Islamic doctrine and theology teaches the Qur’an is the exact word of Allah down to the very last letter. Muslims believe Allah transmitted the Qur’an to the Angel Gabriel who transmitted it directly to Muhammad’s ears uncorrupted by man.

The Muslim believes the Qur’an is divinely inspired. The practical application of the Qur’an and Life of Muhammad is the Shariah Islamiyya (Islamic Law).

Islamic doctrine teaches all other religious books and governments have been corrupted by man and are subservient to the divinely inspired texts in the Qur’an. Most Muslims believe our Constitution and Bill of Rights are flawed and secondary to the divinely inspired Qur’an. Know your enemy Know thyself and you will win 1000 battles – Sun Tzu was right then and he is right in 2012.

Republic of

South Sudan Constitution

The South Sudanese wrote their Constitution following the political ideology found in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Republic of

South Sudan Constitution states in part:

• South Sudan is governed on the basis of a decentralized democratic system and is an all embracing homeland for its people. It is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-racial entity where such diversities peacefully co-exist.

• South Sudan is founded on justice, equality, respect for human dignity and advancement of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

• This Constitution derives its authority from the will of the people and shall be the supreme law of the land. It shall have a binding force on all persons, institutions, organs and agencies of government throughout the Country.

• English shall be the official working language in the

Republic of

South Sudan, as well as the language of instruction at all levels of education.

• Religion and State shall be separate.

• All religions shall be treated equally and religion or religious beliefs shall not be used for divisive purposes.

• The Bill of Rights is a covenant among the people of

South Sudan and between them and their government at every level and a commitment to respect and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms enshrined in this Constitution; it is the cornerstone of social justice, equality and democracy.

• Every person has the inherent right to life, dignity and the integrity of his or her person which shall be protected by law; no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his or her life.

• Slavery and slave trade in all form are prohibited. No person shall be held in slavery or servitude.

• An accused person is presumed to be innocent until his or her guilt is proved according to the law.

• Every citizen shall have the right to the freedom of expression, reception and dissemination of information, publication, and access to the press without prejudice to public order, safety or morals as prescribed by law.

• Every person shall have the right to acquire or own property as regulated by law.

• South Sudan shall have a decentralized system of government with the following levels:

• The National Government shall have the following organs:

the Legislature; the Executive; and the Judiciary.


Republic of

South Sudan’s Constitution is refreshingly similar to ours.


America have a national security interest in

South Sudan?

Think Africa Press writes, “In 2003, the conservative Heritage Foundation set out a more detailed blueprint for what this "active participation" might look like. Their report, ‘US Military Assistance to

Africa: A Better Solution’, advises the creation of a

US military command to advance security objectives in the region, co-ordinate anti-terror campaigns and, crucially, encourage "prudent management of the continent’s vast natural and mineral resources". African oil, it argues, is a geostrategic imperative – in that it provides 25% of all

US oil – which can only be secured through a systematic military presence. The

US therefore "must not be afraid to employ its forces decisively when vital national interests are threatened.”

In 1979 when Jimmy Carter facilitated the ousting of the Shah of Iran in favor of the Mullahs resulted in the re-birth of the Islamic crusades against the West. The Iranians have been bankrolling terrorism around the world and are themselves very close to building a nuclear device with a sophisticated delivery system – Thanks Jimmy.

Today President Barak Hussein Obama has ushered in an era of Islamic rage called the Arab Spring. If you take what Jimmy Carter did back in 1979 with

Iran and put it on steroids you have the false Arab “Muslim Brotherhood” Spring.

Instead of embracing countries like the Democratic Republic of South Sudan President Obama has been embracing The Muslim Brotherhood and all their affiliated anti American groups. The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc… have one thing in common, they will instill Shariah Islamiyaa on their own fellow Muslim citizens. Meanwhile President Obama and the mainstream press have been proven colossally wrong in thinking the Arab Spring was the beginning of democracy in the

Middle East.

‘Breaking News’:

On May 1 Reuters reported warplanes from the Islamic North Sudan fired on the

Republic of

South Sudan. 500 miles west of

Sudan in

Nigeria a very similar situation is developing. The Islamic Jihadist group Boko Haram which means, “Western education is a sin” are bitterly opposed to secular education which contradicts Islam, are targeting Christians for death.

Tribune Newspapers reports, “The group (Boko Haram) warned Christians to leave the north, an area traditionally dominated by Muslims, for the predominately Christian South.

President Obama just gave The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt $1.4 Billion and released $192 Million to the Palestinians with your U.S. Taxpayer dollars.

It is time

America starts supporting those democratic countries who are under attack from our common enemies who practice Jihad in the name of Islam. Islamic apartheid in the

Sudan and

Nigeria are just two examples among many where

America must make a stand for Freedom and

Liberty in


God Bless

America and God Bless our Troops

One Team One Fight

Alan Kornman

The United West

Regional Coordinator


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