The Carbon Ranger is coming….to take your house.

…. Anything looked at through those eyes is dangerous to your health and happiness. Now, you need to be afraid of the Carbon Rangers, coming to your home to take it.

Just when you thought everything bad that could happen was over, suddenly, you found out about…the Carbon Rangers.

It was a quiet morning in the office of carbon enforcement, the officer of the watch is drinking cup of coffee. The headline on his copy of USA Today starts with a question – “The summer of 2015?” His attention is taken from the paper to his computer that is chirping that a notification has been received. There has been an unapproved house sale at a local Land Conservation Bank office. He moves the details of the transaction as an attachment to a folder on his desktop marked immediate action.

It can get worse, and it will. Even if your house it completely paid off they can still get you. Every piece of policy that comes out of government is bait set with hook, sounding good but intended to sink that hook deep into your gut and life.

Never forget to notice the bottom line, those thinking up these naked grabs for our money and property certainly do not.

On February 26th of this year Governors Christine O. Gregoire of Washington, Theodore R. Kulongoski of Oregon, Janet Napolitano of Arizona, Bill Richardson of New Mexico, Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an agreement to enforce mandates to reduce carbon emissions. If you think this means they will hold petroleum companies liable for supplying fuel that makes this impossible, think again. This time they are casting hungry eyes on your home.

Carbon emissions and Green House Gases are a problem but those problems could have been handled years ago. Today we should be living in homes that generate their own clean power, using recycling water systems in the west, and connect to each other easily and cheaply, getting entertainment, music, internet and phone service for one low monthly fee. How does $50.00 for all of that sound to you? But that would not have lined the pockets of such as Kevin Martin of the FCC so it did not happen.

What kind of sense does it make to allow Big Oil and utility companies to pollute, selling us infrastructure that is inherently polluting then require us to pay to clean up the mess? That is exactly what your smog certificate is. Now they will go after your house.

Stay tuned for our next show that will provide solutions to the real problems.

This week on my show we will hear August Franklin on the specifics of this ominous development signed into law under Clinton, now affirmed by several of the states.

This is the bottom line, sounding so sweet and reasonable going in only to become outright confiscation when the Carbon Ranger rolls up to your door. We re all struggling and it is about to get worse while Big Oil and Energy register all time high profits.

The governor of your state is probably in bed with them.

From the Western Regional Climate Action Initiative:“NOW, THEREFORE, we, the undersigned Governors, jointly establish the Western Regional Climate Action Initiative and agree to collaborate in identifying, evaluating and implementing ways to reduce GHG emissions in our states collectively and to achieve related co-benefits. This collaboration shall include, but is not limited to:

• Setting an overall regional goal, within six months of the effective date of this initiative, to reduce emissions from our states collectively, consistent with state-by-state goals;

• Developing, within eighteen months of the effective date of this agreement, a design for a regional market-based multi-sector mechanism, such as a load-based cap and trade program, to achieve the regional GHG reduction goal; and

• Participating in a multi-state GHG registry to enable tracking, management, and crediting for entities that reduce GHG emissions, consistent with state GHG reporting mechanisms and requirements.

They do love to hear themselves talk, don't they?

Do you think this means accountability for the electric company? Big Oil? Wrong.

Added to that there is nothing about which they will not lie, manipulating the facts to suit their greedy plans.

As in every other case what this means is another weapon for criminalizing your behavior to bring you under control and seize your property. On the Spiritual Politician we will show you what the future brings, using a skit, written by August Franklin, that should scare you silly.

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