The Best Way To Hide From A Danger …

… Suzana Martinez—both rescinded the illegal alien ‘sanctuary policy’ that allowed criminal and civil illegal alien migrants to enjoy immunity from our nation’s laws.

The “sanctuary policy” now employed by over 30 major cities in the

United States violates the U.S. Constitution. It violates Article 4 Section IV: “The

United States shall guarantee to every state in this

Union a Republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the Executive against domestic violence.”

Currently, in excess of 20 million illegal aliens work and live within the

United States in violation of local, state and federal laws.

The current president of the

United States as well as the past four presidents failed to uphold their oath of office. President Barack Obama fails to uphold his oath of office and his Homeland Security Chief, Janet Napolitano fails to secure

U.S. borders and internal enforcement of immigration laws.

Therefore, over 30 state legislatures, facing enormous financial costs from illegal aliens, expect to pass anti-illegal alien laws similar to

Arizona’s SB 1070, signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer. Why? The federal government refuses to uphold its own laws in

Arizona as well as 49 other states

Our third president, Thomas Jefferson said, “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”

He also added another sage warning, “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

In 2011, with our nation reeling under the burden of two wars, accelerating unemployment, enormous trade deficits, $14 trillion national debt and bewildering social problems—Obama and Congress hide from our mounting predicaments by ignoring them or pretending they do not exist.

In 1861, the novelist Mark Twain called it “silent assertion” when the press and leaders ignored a social wrong by obfuscating, suppressing, denying or pretending it did exist. In his day, he spoke about slavery. Today, everyone in


DC runs from any mention of illegal immigration.

Its complexities stem from the fact that big corporations make big profits on this 21st century slave labor armada. Additionally, American taxpayers foot the subsidy bill of $346 billion annually for illegal aliens and their children. (Source: Ed Rubenstein Report) Corporations pay off members of Congress and lie like a thief to make sure corporation presidents enjoy immunity from prosecution. Meanwhile the fraud parades along with an ‘All American” band playing the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Notice that Janet Napolitano in the past two years has never methodically enforced immigration laws against corporations anywhere in


My friend Hooch said, “That’s why everyone needs to back SB 1070

Arizona style legislation and those who propose it. Once empowered local authorities could act. Every state in the union needs to sign on and show the feds solidarity in doing the will of the people according to constitutional law.

“The lousy corporate

US presidents are fighting to support their major campaign contributors. The whole thing is about money, not law. Amazi, Phillip and all the other law heads use catch phrase rhetoric to lessen their work load, they only pray they are handcuffed NOT to enforce illegal alien activity, because once authorized you’d need three more jails the size of the one you just built. I can hear their collective sighs right now thinking, “Well we dodged another challenge from the law abiding resident public.”

When our president hides from danger or enforcing our laws and our Congress pretends nothing is wrong, they accelerate the same kinds of consequences occurring in

Egypt today. As Mark Twain said, “Silent assertion will boil into reality whether you like it or not.”

The American people abide by our laws for a civil and workable society. Our president and Congress side-step our laws to make for a horrific and growing consequence for illegals and for citizens alike.

And finally,

Jefferson said, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

One way or the other, we must come to terms with the rule of law and enforce it within the

United States of America. Obama and Congress cannot continue with, “The best way to hide from a danger is to say it doesn’t exist.” (Paul Streitz, U.S. Senate candidate)

Frosty Wooldridge has bicycled across six continents – from the

Arctic to the South Pole – as well as six times across the

USA, coast to coast and border to border. In 2005, he bicycled from the

Arctic Circle,

Norway to


Greece. He presents "The Coming Population Crisis in

America: and what you can do about it" to civic clubs, church groups, high schools and colleges. He works to bring about sensible world population balance at He is the author of:

America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans. Copies available: 1 888 280 7715

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