The American Free Spirit Is Alive and Well!

….goodness that lives in the heart and mind of each individual American that will solve our problems, right our wrongs and reclaim our constitutional freedom.

I jerked awake as the first sergeant burst through the barracks door and blew his whistle for us to hit the deck at "O" dark 30. He screamed, "line up in single file and make it double quick." Then he blew that irritating whistle again, and again, and again! I wanted to throttle that whistle and shove it where the Sun doesn't shine. But the question that jumped instantly in my mind, as I strained to reach consciousness, was how the H**l did I get here and my second question was, where are my glasses, I can't see a damn thing? Yesterday I was sitting in my office composing another article, when all of a sudden I'm in boot camp with a bunch of other lost souls, being herded around like a covey of errant 17-year olds.

Now I remember boot camp as a draftee 47 years ago, but coming from a long line of mavericks, (it has been reported that one of my great-great-greats ran with the Dalton Gang in Kansas) I objected strenuously to all the rules and regulations of army life and I objected even more to some idiot sergeant, or 2nd lieutenant, interminably screaming orders in my ear, at a decibel level that approached a howling hurricane. How I survived two years in the Army is anyone's guess and it is only by the grace of providence I didn't end up in the stockade for my whole tour duty. One captain was so annoyed by my antics, he threatened to send me to Viet Nam. But he didn't succeed because the Colonel, a maverick himself, was sympathetic to my individuality and actually gave me a promotion to sergeant, just before I was discharged.

But ever since I was born, I haven't taken instructions very well. Just ask my parents. Because you see, deep in my heart, I am a free spirit and it is "I" that directs my life; not a first sergeant, not a boss and definitely not the government! A wife…..? Maybe!

But I digress. Let's return to the Army barracks. As the reality of this unbelievable situation began to set in, I realized that I wasn't supposed to be there. In fact, I became acutely aware that this whole unfolding episode was a dream, if not a nightmare. I also knew emphatically, that I wanted out of this dream very badly. So with great effort, I purposely woke up from the dream that was trying to strangle me.

We Americans are all living in a unthinkable reality and it isn't a dream, although some treat as such. It is a reality for which we alone are responsible. Because you see, we buried our American free spirit. We buried our insatiable desire to pioneer and forge ahead, no matter what lies in our path, and we buried it in return for comfort and security. We buried our adventurism to explore and seek out new things and new experiences, even if that exploration carried with it unknown risks. We forgot about all those that gave their lives, their limbs and their minds to preserve, protect and defend our hard-won heritage of freedom and liberty. We forgot that a government left unto itself, will eventually enslave the very people that its solemn duty was to protect.

But instead of relying on our own individuality, prowess, self-confidence and self-reliance, supposedly taught to us by our wise parents, we eagerly jumped on the government freight train that offered a "free" lunch. But government purposely failed to disclose that the "free" lunch came with an incalculable price and that the train we were on, was headed straight for H**l and abject slavery.

But Americans are a strange lot. They will take H**l and Damnation and even insane regulations up to a point and then some event, some injustice, some travesty, some flash point, will awaken them from their dream and trigger their anger and their wrath. From that anger, their free spirit will rise out of the depths of obscurity to confront the enemy they have been ignoring for far too long. When these Americans coalesce in a single purpose to confront the foreign or domestic enemy, under the power of their indomitable free spirit, the enemy would be wise to retreat. And don't think for one minute that our foreign enemies aren't aware of this free spirit that lives under the umbrella of our iberty. It is what they fear and why they hate us so, and why they want to destroy us. And don't think for one minute that our domestic enemies won't do everything they can to break our free spirit. For they have tasted absolute power and will not let go of it easily.

True freedom allows a free spirit to grow, strengthen and prosper. Liberty allows that spirit to create new things, imagine new horizons and take calculated risks in order to better the human condition, or explore our fascinating and expanding universe, or the depths of quantum weirdness. A free spirit resists with all of its might, attempts to squash or impede it. A free spirit can only be enslaved in body, but never in mind. A free spirit is like bubbles in the sea that always rise to the surface, in search of freedom in the open air and the release of the watery shackles that hold it captive. A free spirit is a government's or a dictator's worst nightmare.

In our efforts to awaken that free spirit in Americans, we have found that actually, it is not only alive and well, it is growing. Because freedom is infectious and cannot be held in chains for very long. Be not afraid, do not despair or feel that you have lost your power. For it is the power of the free spirit and the goodness that lives in the heart and mind of each individual American that will solve our problems, right our wrongs and reclaim our constitutional freedom. We ask that you wake up from your dream as I had to do and activate your free spirit. Join the ranks of those of us who seek freedom, no matter what the cost, because freedom is the natural order. It is also your solemn duty to preserve and defend freedom and liberty for your children and grandchildren, so that it will survive and flourish in perpetuity.

NARLO is working on a legal solution to holding government accountable, that any citizen can do without having to hire a very expensive attorney. An attorney, who in most cases is an integral part of the very corrupt system we are trying to change. We will be announcing this solution in the coming weeks and months, with full instructions on how it can be used by any citizen that is seeking redress from their local, state or federal government for something that government did, or didn't do. But this solution will take individual courage. Those who lack courage and a free spirit, need not apply.

Ron Ewart, President


P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA 98027

425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848

(Fax No. 425 222-4743)


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