The American Breed

….Joined together by our strong held beliefs:

The belief that every man has the right just to be,

and die in a country where the air is free;

The right to bear arms, and use them against

aggression if need be;if that's what it takes to


America free.

The right to come and go unhindered by any

in the home of the brave and the Land of plenty;

The right to worship God, or to worship no god at all,

according to how one's own conscious does call;

Yes! Americansare of the melting pot breed

Nurtured and raised on

Liberty's seed.

Not of one blood- but made up of many bloods you see

All striving together to keep

America free.

By our beliefs we are joined under the red, white, and blue

As shown by the things together we've done and are still [for liberty] willing to do.

We tackle the problems that face us each today,

as did our forefathers-in much the same way.

We guard those things new Americans might take for granted

not knowing the history of the country they chose as their own

Knowing if given enough time they toowill come to understand

That not only are we Americans- we are the Spirit of this greatland.

Let there be no doubt- to new Americans, that while Americans

will always respect the differences in each of us;

Americans know the dangers, in not always putting the

United States of America first.

Americans are a melting pot breed joined by our heartfelt beliefs:

The belief that individual rights, if abused long enough, and by

enough people~ will in time destroy all the good things past

generations did leave.

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