Have Terrorists Crossed Our Southern Border?

by Marguerite Telford –
Center for Immigration Studies –

Aliens from terrorist-linked countries can mask origin by entering the U.S. with changed nationalities

WASHINGTON, DC (October 14, 2014) — Whether or not the specific claims made recently by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) are correct, the Center for Immigration Studies reports that it is well within the realm of possibility that extremists have used our southern border as a gateway to the interior.

Center fellow Dan Cadman, a senior INS/ICE veteran, examined removal data on aliens born in nations officially identified as having ties to terrorism who were apprehended crossing the southern border into the United States, but who had obtained citizenship from Mexico and other countries.

In federal fiscal year 2013 alone, Cadman identified 293 aliens who were Afghans by birth, but who held nine other nationalities (presumably by naturalization) at the time they were caught attempting to cross the border illegally. In the statistics reported by the Department of Homeland Security, these Afghan-born individuals are listed merely as Mexicans, Hondurans, et al. Note that this list is only composed of illegal border crossers who were apprehended in that year: individuals whose entries were through other methods (nonimmigrants with visas, refugees, asylees, immigrants, etc.) were not included.

View the entire article at: http://cis.org/cadman/have-terrorists-crossed-our-southern-border

“With the rise of ISIS and other terrorist groups around the world, national security requires that we know more about these aliens, and the thousands of others who are crossing the border undetected. The chance is high that many, perhaps most or all, of these individuals used corruption, endemic throughout the region, to obtain their Mexican or Central American passports,” said Cadman. “Just this February, Honduras suspended eight out of the 10 consuls assigned to the United States for issuing documents in exchange for bribes.”

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