Terror on the Border

For this activity, President Bush called them “vigilantes.” When I heard this, I wondered, “Is someone a vigilante simply for calling the police to report a crime? Do the president and other critics of the Minute Project think that Neighborhood Watch people are vigilantes?” Poking fun at the politically correct term “undocumented” to refer to illegal aliens, some Minutemen wore shirts

Swarming all around were media people from many different countries. One reason they came was all the hype about how violence might happen because of the project. Although the Minutemen threatened no one, the hyper-violent MS 13 gang of illegal aliens from Central America had issued threats against the Minutemen. I suggested that America needs MS-13 to do the crimes that American gangs refuse to do.

The Mexican media, however, did their best to cast the Minutemen in a negative, violent light. Some of them focused cameras on Minutemen who carried side arms. No doubt they failed to explain to views that carrying side arms is fairly common in this part of Arizona, one reason being rattlesnakes. When I asked a Mexican reporter why they were so interested in the guns, he said that gun ownership is forbidden in Mexico. “Yes,” I replied, “except for the coyotes and drug smugglers who bring illegal aliens and drugs into our country.”

Also present were monitors from the pro-open border American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). These unAmericans were present to catch any perceived violation of illegal aliens’ rights by the Minutemen and generally subvert the project. When the Minutemen were doing night surveillance, some of these monitors would shine flashlight beams toward the Minutemen so that illegal aliens could avoid their positions. On one occasion, an ACLU monitor shoved a Minuteman, hoping to provoke a fight which one of his media buddies could film. The supposedly violent “vigilante” refused to take the bait.

At one point, some Aztec dancers and body-pierced pot bangers showed up to support illegal immigration. These groups often put on their shows when citizens gather to protest the invasion of their country. I suggested to an ACLU man that he should go monitor this bunch. He replied that they were not his concern because they were just “practicing their religion.” Given the ACLU’s jihad against Christianity in public life, it was reassuring to learn that there are at least some religions that the ACLU can love.

The Minutemen were pleased when Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) came to speak to them. Tancredo, head of the House Immigration Reform Caucus, thanked them for their efforts. He said that for everyone there were millions of Americans who shared their beliefs. Many would like to get more involved, but they have to work to support their families and the growing millions of illegal aliens.

That point is right on target. American citizens and legal immigrants cannot get free medical care, but illegal aliens enjoy de facto free health care by abusing our emergency room services. Illegals get free public education for their children, which diverts educational resources away from American students. Illegals commit crimes against Americans, ranging from murder to harassment. They bring in drugs and distribute them. Unchecked for health problems, they also spread disease.

While causing public expense, illegals often avoid taxes by receiving payment in cash under the table from employers, or by claiming more dependants than they really have. These practices give employers who hire them an advantage over other employers who do things legally. Illegals enable unscrupulous firms and businesses to keep wages low and working conditions bad. This is no service to disadvantaged American workers.

If these problems were not enough, it is clear that foreign countries, particularly Mexico, view illegal immigration as a means to exercise political clout in the United State. One former high official in the Mexican government, Juan Hernandez, even admitted this to Congressman Tancredo. Amnesty for illegals can accomplish the goal of making them a voting bloc for outside interests or domestic radicals. Nevertheless, thanks to Bill Clinton’s Voter Act, many already are voting now.

As this goes on too many Americans sit in front of their TV sets, watch football, drink beer and show no concern about the future of their country. The open border interests are counting on this apathy. Let’s hope they are mistaken. When America entered World War II, some of our enemies believed that we lacked the determination to win. Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was not one of them. After Pearl Harbor he said, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

Is the Minute Project the first stirring of a sleeping American giant? The project proved that border surveillance can slow down illegal immigration. Since the end of the project, Minuteman organizers report that they have heard from 14,000 people around the country who would like to participate in future Minutemen activities. The organizers are planning these now.

Serving on the border can be hot, dusty and even dangerous, but American citizens may have to keep doing it until the government finally does its duty. Ignorant people may call them vigilantes, but I call them patriots.

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