Terror Under The Knife

by John Clark –

For many years now I have been a Type 2 diabetic, taking insulin to try to control this deadly disease. But alas, it kept getting worse as my weight kept ballooning up. Insulin can make you gain weight. My blood sugar kept climbing higher and higher and at some point I had to take stronger doses of insulin. Like a cat chasing its tail, I tried to get help from The American Diabetes Association. Well lots of luck with that … All they did was send me some pamphlets. In all the years I have been a diabetic, I don’t know of any fellow diabetics who have been helped by that organization.

In the past, two of my friends have died from drugs that the DRUG PUSHERS, AKA doctors, who push poison off to trusting patients. The drug companies pay these doctors, of death, very well. The ADA, an organization that takes in so much money, says nothing about it. What do they do with that money?

The pharmaceutical companies know that some of their drugs will hurt some people, but by the time they’re discovered, they have made billions of dollars. Then, when the lawyers come after the pharmaceutical companies filing suits, only a small percentage of claims will ever reach court with years of delay. Many folks are still not aware of what and who have killed their love ones and the folks who were aware are now six feet under. That leaves a very small percentage of survivors who will eventually receive any compensation for their losses and their lawyers will take a big piece of their settlement. To the drug giants, that’s just the price of doing business.

Well onto the focus of my story.

After many years of taking diabetes drugs from the drug pushers, I started to have problems with my eyes. I was sent to a retina specialist, who said I needed laser treatment to stop the internal bleeding. Subsequent to that treatment, which I experienced, then, what I can only describe as black floaters in my left eye occurred and so I returned to see the doctor. The floaters were now so dense he couldn’t see into my left eye as there was so much blood hemorrhaging into it. As a precaution, at that time he gave me a shot in my right eye to prevent that eye from hemorrhaging.

For months I could not see out of my left eye.

As a follow-up, the doctor decided I needed “scatter laser” treatment in my right eye. I thought … “Well here we go … more laser … no big deal” But when the nurse prepping me looked at my chart and said, “Oh … you are going to have “a Block shot”, the inflection in his voice told me Oh oh! I was wrong! The lights dimmed in the room and the next thing I knew the doctor was yelling, “Open your eye Mr. Clark!”

I then realized a needle was stuck in my eye.

I went completely sideways, moaning. When the needle was removed, I was taken outside where they tried to stand me up and make me walk … which I could not. My wife had heard me scream down the hall, ran to me and took my pulse, which was pumping a mile a minute she said. I was now completely blind. My wife and the doctor’s assistant then helped me down the hall to the laser room. I thought, “My god how bad will this be!”

Fortunately, the laser was relatively painless. But I then started to hallucinate as my wife was driving me home. As I hallucinated I began to see on both sides of the road shapes of tall buildings with terraces like something you would find in the Middle East. I then saw what looked like a huge white castle up ahead as if we going into a tunnel featuring two very large red eyes which appeared very dragon-like.

I was thinking what did they give me? I was in bad shape! My right eye was bandaged and I was barely able to see out of my left eye.

After a couple of weeks passed, I was informed I now needed cataract surgery. “Oh great … more pain” I thought. As I was being prepped for the surgery, a doctor’s assistant asked me if I was allergic to latex. I told her I didn’t know. “Well you had better be tested before we do the procedure”, She said. Sure enough, the test revealed I had an allergy to latex. The surgery would now have to be done in the hospital since their O.R.’s are “latex free”. I asked her what would happen if she had not asked me if I was allergic. Her response: “your eye would blowup” I didn’t know if she was kidding or not, but I was not about to find out,

Finally the day arrived for the surgery and I was really very nervous because of what had happened with that needle stuck in the eye trick. They were very nice in the hospital even gave me pair of little booties that looked like a little kid would wear. Well good news. The surgery went without a hitch and so did the second cataract surgery. I was awake the whole time and didn’t feel a thing,

I was also informed I needed a vitrectomy, which is a procedure in which the jelly in the eye is removed to eliminate all the debris from the bleeding. I was really reluctant to have this one done. It too would have to be done in hospital, the same O.R. where I had the cataracts done. I figured it would be all right being it was OK for the previous two procedures and I was right! Awake again and no pain. It was a breeze and my eye was healing after about three weeks passed. Things were looking up.

Then suddenly I started see what looked like a black curtain coming down over my eye that I read researched and read about on-line. That stated it was probably a sign of retinal detachment. I called my doctor who fortunately was on-call a Sat night. He told me to come in right way and met me at 8:30 p.m. He confirmed it was the beginning of a retinal detachment and scheduled me for emergency surgery the following day.

It was to occur at the same hospital so I was confident that things would be all right, since during all three previous visits there were no problems. The only difference was that the anesthesiologist said his female associate will be “monitoring you” but “I will be available … if necessary”.

The anesthesiologist had never said that before, but what the heck. My confidence was high due to past experiences there. Boy was I mistaken!

As they were wheeling me into the ‘OR’, things seemed somewhat different. The next thing I knew I could feel the doctor cutting into my eye. WOW! I let out a moan and my fists were clenched.

My God! I could feel everything he was doing! I was trying to remain calm, as I knew he was inside my eye … but the pain was excruciating. I started to move and tried to say something. Then I heard the doctor say, “Don’t move Mr. Clark – I am in a very delicate surgery!” I then realized he could not see my body as I was rigid and getting very cold and shaking. He was looking into my eye through a microscope!

I dare not move! I then heard the doctor finally tell someone I was uncomfortable and to give me some numbing drops … which did not work. After a very long, agonizing time, I was so desperate that I was planning next to roll off the surgery table.

Then I realized my head was strapped down!

“My God! How long will this go on!” I thought to myself.

Then I heard the doctor call for wet cells. When he inserted them it felt like he was shoving glass into my eye and I thought I might break my teeth from clenching my mouth. Then I heard those long anticipated words ” All done!”

They sat me up and wheeled me into a recovery room. Cold, shaking and probably in shock, the nurse’s put blankets on me. Somehow I remained conscious. A few minutes later my wife called the hospital. The nurses informed her that my blood pressure went through the roof, which the hospital director later denied after allegedly doing an investigation.

I found out after the incident that no lawyer would take the case as I was told their was no case for pain and suffering and most of the good lawyers sat on the hospital board of directors which could constitute a potential conflict of interest. How convenient. If I were an illegal alien or person of color there would be hell to pay, if the same had happened to one of them.

I am hoping that by telling my story things will change for the better because doctors and hospitals can do just about anything to you
… and you have little recourse

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