Teddy Roosevelt Said Carry A Big Stick

by Larry Bumgarner –

The Patriot Act, FEMA and its Camps, the FBI, CIA, ICE, NSA, Attorney General’s Office, the Department of Justice, the Army, Navy, Marine Corp., Air Force, you and 50 million other Americans should be a big enough stick for us to use to clean up your government and your financial system.

How it will work:

1. You elect me to the White House through legitimate election. I have no ideology that I am pushing. My sole agenda for the presidency is to create a vehicle to give control of the government to its people by having them vote on questions that they ask. I see my main purpose as enforcing the will of the people. The people make the decisions, I enforce them. My first mission will be to rid the government of corruption and put a leash on the lawyers.

2. I set up a huge scoreboard in the White House to count your votes.

3. I propose questions to you and you vote on them. Americans will be given 5 days to discuss it, debate it and to vote on it from anywhere, anytime, anonymously. A social security card allows you to vote one time on each question.

4. The results are tallied and then Bumgarner, using all of the power of the White House, gets them through the legislative branch for the people making it legal, democratic, constitutional and in the American Spirit.
The first four questions this President will ask:

1. Should all lobbying money be made illegal?

2. Should the penalty for political corruption be life in prison and seizure of their assets?

3. Should we make a law that Gun ownership can never and will never be questioned in any court again?

4. Should we cap legal fees at $50 an hour?
If you people vote yes then I’m confident that I will have this through Congress and made into a law within a day or two. If they vote against it my next question is, are Congressmen terrorists? They’ll be FEMA camp bound.

Then we move on to questions about:

Lawyers, Small Business, Oil, Wall Street, Environment, Veterans, Social Issues, Senior Citizens, The Hood, Immigration, The Military, The Budget, Wars, Student Loans, Social Security, use of the Patriot Act and FEMA Camps, and anything else that the people have an interest in.

Nothing will be dodged, nothing will be excluded; you can have your issues, if passed, be made into law in days. This will be an extraordinary time in history.

The positive things we can do with this power are only limited by the constraints of your imagination.

It’s legal, democratic, constitutional and in the American spirit.

Everybody takes a little control over their lives, the economy and their government. You make the choices. I am only a vehicle to do that. I will only do what I’m told to do by your vote.

Your government will actually be your servant!

And it will be of the people, by the people and for the people!

When we’re finished we destroy the Patriot Act and the FEMA Camps forever.

Then I go fishing.

The end for me.

A beginning for you


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