“A Tangled Web Of Lies: Muddy Roads Of Politics”

by George T. Weir –

When President Obama gave his half-hearted apology to the people that have lost their Health Insurance, he was only digging himself into a deeper rut of deceit. The American people aren’t dumb, what he was really saying is, “you should have known better”. No President Obama isn’t the first, and I’m quite sure he will not be the last that will try the trickery of words to cover up their own bizarre and unexplainable decisions, but each time they try, they only dig themselves deeper into their web of lies.

It seems rather evident that the “Powers That Be” have had very little experience in (bog holes, deep ruts, and slippery slopes that are hazardous and expensive when stuck in the middle of a (Muddy Road), and that is precisely where the President and the Congress have found themselves in while trying to cover one lie with another lie, and finding themselves in a position of loosing the trust of “The American People”. Simply put, they are stuck in the muddy road of their own making.

Probably, many of you have never had the experience of muddy roads, or how one finds himself in the position of trying to navigate himself out of the problem, but one thing is for sure, there is no easy way. And as I survey the landscape and the current debacle that is occurring in Washington and the weakness we are portraying around the world, I keep wondering, do they know that they are stuck, or are they just to lazy to get out and look. In the real situation of being stuck, passengers in the car would unload, look at the problem, and then decide whether to push forward or backward. The objective was to get the car rocking forward and backward, hoping that the momentum would cause the car to move to a higher place and keep moving. But there were times that the car would get stuck in old ruts, and when this happened, it was time to pray for dry weather.

The Congress and the White house seem to be stuck and no one is willing to get out and do what is necessary to get things rolling. O yes they are quite willing to look at each other and say, “This is reprehensible, and it’s your fault entirely.

The House will push a little, while at the same time the Senate is on the other end holding up all momentum, then they each step back as if the other is doing all the pushing, then they squabble and squabble, on which way the problem need to go.

The problem with is, The American People are watching, also the world is watching, this problem just can’t wait until better weather, it need fixing now!

While they are standing knee deep in the mire of politics, the people are beginning to grow weary and tired of watching their elected leaders fuss and squabble over who is winning points, The American People don’t care about their political points, they want action, not yesterday, but now.

Getting back to the car stuck in the muddy road, until we could get it back on high ground, we were limited on the activities and the work that was needed to be done around the farm, and so it is with the government, they need to get their ducks in a row, and get about doing the peoples business.

The American People are anxious to see their factories up and running, and the government working toward energy independence; also the American People are concerned about the danger of our open borders and the security of the nation. But at the moment all the actors in this drama are focus on this thing called “Obamacare” and no one seem to be able to go forward on any of the pertinent issues that are still waiting at the end of the road.

The two main characters in this muddy road story are an Elephant and a Donkey. And yes it’s hard to visualize either of them exiting the comfort of their surroundings, and actually looking at each other in any serious way to solve the problem.

At this point each turned their attention to the President, “surly he will take charge, but, he seems to be missing”. They finally look at each other and ask,” Where is our fearless leader”?

Someone passing by said, “Are you looking for the President “? “ Each said yes, have you seen him”?

The passerby then said, well sir, “ I think you are out of luck The President has now turned his attention to immigration reform.” The passerby then said, “Some say that he didn’t want to get into this murky muddy road, so he decided it was time to turn the people’s attention to something else”. I guess you guys will have to work out this problem by yourself.

The elephant looked at the donkey and said, “You know we will have to blame this sticky situation on someone or something”. The donkey then said, blame it on Bush”.

The elephant then said, looking over at the donkey,” after the 2016 election, we Republicans are going to elect someone that will get out of the golf course and away from the teleprompter and will be willing to help when we the congress gets stuck in the mire of dirty politics”.

The donkey replied ”Hee-Haw, Hee –Haw”…

To all those that are still watching, and wondering if these two will ever get back on high ground, (Don’t Hold Your Breath).

George T. Weir

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