Taming the Bullies!

by Art Winston –

How Attorney David Grossack Handles Abusive Collection Agencies and Puts Money in Your Pocket!

Marie S. lives in Weymouth, Massachusetts, sickly and disabled. She was overwhelmed with bills. There was one bill she was certain she paid, though. That was an old automobile insurance premium.

Nevertheless, she was getting phone calls. Her alleged debt was referred to a notoriously aggressive and obnoxious collection agency, and she was getting calls almost every day, sometimes twice a day, by an automatic phone dialing machine.

Marie is a highly stressed individual and a chronic worrier already under psychiatric care.

The phone calls upset her and made her nervous.

She was already a client of David Grossack on another unrelated case, but knew nothing of his work on matters involving collection cases.

She was also unaware of the rights she had to not be subjected to the intrusion into her privacy.

One day when she was speaking to Attorney Grossack she mentioned to him the abuse she was receiving from the collection agency.

Attorney Grossack told her about the FDCPA, the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and how it would help her recover money from abusive collection agencies that do things like make annoying phone calls, call you when you ask them to stop, call you when they know you have a lawyer or even tell others about your supposed debt.

These and many other practices are made illegal and allow consumers to claim against collection agencies for money damages.

Marie decided to make a claim.

The calls stopped.

The collection agency settled with Attorney Grossack and Marie was a satisfied customer.

Cases like these are handled by Grossack on a contingent basis. That means the client only pays in the event of a court award or settlement.

Grossack is well known nationally for championing people’s rights.

He received a Lawyer of the Year Award in 1999 from Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly for his civil rights work.

His office is in Newton, Massachusetts and his phone number is 617-965-9300.

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