Take Up The Cause Of Your Own Liberty

…for the twin motives of power and control. This political dogma that defines the Left is nothing but a compilation of paralogistic mandates that distort reality by replacing virtue with baseness, success with complacency, innovation with regulation and morality with degeneracy.

Leftists are routinely engaged in the imposition of their extremist ideology through the avenue of morally ambiguous legislation, education and entertainment. Prove this observation simply by turning on your television and maneuvering your way through the density of coarse programming that is hostile to traditional values. This across-the-board defilement of all that is good and decent has sullied the field of journalism in particular, to a point where only stridently anti-American news is considered fit for publication. Pick up a newspaper and see how the Left will contort the news to serve their purpose.

If the Left isn’t busy downplaying positive strides accomplished by the blood, the sacrifice and the very lives of our brave American service men and women, they are looking for the slightest hint of scandal or wrongdoing. If they come up dry there, they’ll portray anti-war extremists in the most positive light possible. Throughout last week, Leftist journalists could hardly contain their excitement over the possibility that defeat in Iraq was possibly at hand, due to intense fighting in Iraq by the Mahdi Army that is loyal to radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

After only a week of fighting, Muqtada al-Sadr pulled his fighters off the streets due to the strength of the resistance from American and Iraqi troops. It should come as no surprise that zero praise for our troops was forthcoming from these same journalists. The ‘cut and run’ Iraq policy endorsed by Democrats and promoted by Leftist journalists, underscores the motive behind every article based on Iraq. It would appear that Leftists and the majority of Democrats want Iraq to fall back into terrorist-controlled hands as well as bring this fight to American soil.

A few years ago, I wrote a piece on the riots over in Paris. Since then, rioting has become somewhat of a regular occurrence in France. In my initial piece on this subject, I wrote about how the Left refused to describe the rioters as Muslim immigrants. Today, Leftist journalists will describe rioters in France as Muslim immigrants, but they are depicted as victims of Western Imperialism.

In other words, France deserved to have thousands of cars set on fire; just as the U.S., according to these same journalists, deserved the indescribable tragedy of 9/11. Once again we have an outright renunciation of truth by Leftist, agenda-driven, pseudo journalists. I guess the fact that these same Jihadists would sever their heads without a second thought has no intellectual bearing in their realm of regulated reality.

The Left ensnares devotees as a result of intense indoctrination and guileful manipulation at the level of press, entertainment and public education. To embrace the sophist philosophy of the Left, one must willingly suspend rational thought, recognition of virtue and boundaries of morality. Leftists re-package their manifesto with guilt and victimization in order to sell their dogma to the masses because they know that distorted reality can’t be sold ‘as is’.

One crucial Leftist tactic is the auspicious act of displaying children in front of a camera; utilized at zero hour to crank up the intensity of the guilt/victimization effect when pressure mounts to sell a socialist economic policy to the American public. I wonder which children they are referring to; those born to 5th generation welfare mothers who are condemned to lousy, unsafe, government-run, inner city schools because the powerful teachers union won’t allow voucher legislation or those whose lives were snuffed out in a late term abortion? For Leftists, children are simply a pawn to be used in furthering their cause. It is common Leftist thought that the responsibility of raising children should be wrested away from their parents and entrusted to the state. Now there’s one, truly horrific, Orwellian nightmare!

The consequences resulting from the elimination of moral and social boundaries is played out daily across America. Last year, we witnessed activist transvestites mocking the sacraments of the Catholic Church by parading up the aisle of a church in San Francisco in macabre make-up while dressed as nuns. The Left considered these depraved activists to be victims. There was scant condemnation of their behavior, which was blatantly disrespectful to their neighbors who attend the church. Instead, their ‘protest’ received validation at the cost of decency and respect.

According to the Left, if you have a problem with these poor, victimized transvestites, obviously you are an intolerant bigot. Allow me to translate, if you don’t want to be publicly raked over the coals in a fashion more virulent than the situation warrants, you better stay silent, keep your eyes to ground and keep moving forward. The point is that for the Left to successfully entrench their philosophy, all standards of moral behavior must be abolished along with any condemnation of their tactics.

The end game is to abolish right and wrong so that the Leftists can completely regulate our lives. It is for this very reason that the ACLU is constantly trying to eradicate our First Amendment rights. The freedom to believe in God; participate in a religion and exercise our right to freedom of speech works against the Leftist agenda. The Left would like nothing more than to intentionally legislate the official death of God and talk radio, for that matter. The Leftist dogma is itself a religion; the religion of Statism; and according to liberals, the federal government is the only higher power that people need.

To state that Leftist dogma is dangerous is not opinion or theory; it is fact. This Utopian Socialism that Democrats are desperately trying to sell doesn’t work; it spreads nothing but misery. It is from the oblique depths of misleading Leftist ideology that politicians have put forth policies that threaten our national security and our economic stability; leave our borders wide open and permit the continued failure of inner city, government-run schools.

Averting your gaze and remaining silent to avoid the hysterical over-reaction from the Left by daring to condemn their liberty-slaying tactics is no longer an option for freedom-loving Americans. Take up the cause of your own liberty! We have the Constitution on our side as long as we defend it. It is high time we the people took back our schools, our Judiciary, our Legislative branch and while we’re at it, we need to run those Hollywood hypocrites out of town on a rail.

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