Take Part in Winter

Awake to cold when you need the warmth of your mother

She knows when you need your drink of hot chocolate

So don’t question his appearance and

His whereabouts of the gifts that rest aside the tree

If you have a good soul and

You give a helping hand

An applause for the ones not appreciated

All that is asked is to give just more to even the ones you

Disapprove of

Then you can rely on him

As there will be no need for black ch

alky co


An answer is standing for your charity:

If a cookie’s left for you he gives it to you for you’ve shown that

You have done everything you can

But if not one is eaten on your table that you dedicate to him

And not a present is left for you under your decorated tree

Just find a way to make his visions clear about you

It’s your guide to the connection with your family

So to an x-friend give them a gift that comes from your heart

Sorrow may be needed but it’s only the correct path

Do you want to…w

alk to evil where sadness is your only freedom

Or will you w

alk upward to smiles…?

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