Sue Pig Pig

Usurper-in-Chief Obummer has decided to sue the state of Arizona for showing him up on enforcement of immigration laws. This little piggy just can’t seem to pull his head out of the trough except to squeal when he doesn’t get his way. Gee, he’s been show incompetent on so many levels why is he worried about one more item added to the list of his failures? His hatred of America, and his intention to turn our country into a socialist empire, has been documented in detail through his writings. He wants so much to keep the freedoms so many have fought and died for, for himself, while taking those same freedoms away from the rest of us and people are only now seeing his perfidy. Those people seem to have voted for him because of the color of his skin. If that is true perhaps they should have skinned him first so he couldn’t have done so much damage to this great country thus far, not to ignore his future plans.

Joining him in the stupidity of telling Arizonans they are wrong are many cities and towns across the country. The list of these, dare we call them communities and organizations, is published on several sites across the internet proclaiming they are boycotting Arizona for the law designed, and passed, to protect the citizens of their state and this country. Perhaps we should compile a list of communities and organizations that support Arizona and boycott those that populate the other list! After all Arizona has so much more to offer a visitor than those aligned against the state.

For that matter, perhaps a tax boycott against the usurper-in-chief [he doesn’t deserve capital letters on any title!] to stop his using our money to destroy our country. After all, if we take his toys away from him he can’t do much except throw a temper tantrum, stomp his feet and stick out his lower lip. One of the reasons he has plans to bring in troops from other countries to ‘control the masses’ in this country if we don’t bow down to his altar is because our own military would probably not support him.

Frankly impeaching him is a small measure of punishment for all the trouble Obummer has caused for the people of this country. His incompetence, ignorance and arrogance have him committing treason, sedition and even terrorism against our people. We the People of America should not even let him exercise the right to leave this country he hates so much. Instead he and his cohorts in crime should spend some time in a place stricter than Gitmo where they could git mo education on what happens to terrorists trying to destroy this great country.

Obummer has proclaimed being a Muslim, siding with the worst elements of that religion’s radicals, and that should be enough to convict him, take away all assets to repay some of the damages done and the Nobel committee to remove the distinction of that ill-rewarded prize. The found of the Nobel prizes is probably spinning in his grave at the very thought of Obummer being honored for being such an incompetent and arrogant ass in thinking he is so great. Oh, and we should remove all immunities afforded him about hiding his true records too.

Obummer has proudly proclaimed Rahm Emanuel as his Jewish right hand man. Has Israel seriously considered taking away that man’s membership card in their faith? Aiding and abetting a traitor to this country, and aiding in attempts to destroy our official relationship with Israel, has created strife. Many people, unnoticed by the regime because they ‘have no power’, still support Israel, her sovereignty and right to defend herself. Just because the morons in, and supporting, the regime don’t support our great friends in holding and defending their homes doesn’t mean they represent the citizenry!

Arizona needs the support of all people in this great country that believe Arizona is right. Most of the places supporting boycotts of Arizona are not places that hold any great significance as places to visit anyway. It would be interesting to poll the citizens of those places and see just how many of the residents agree with those claiming to represent them. That could get really interesting!

Suing Arizona for doing what the regime refuses to do is a temper tantrum more expected of a two-year-old being refused candy in the store. Visit colorful Arizona this year, support their efforts to protect and defend their CITIZEN’S rights and urge your own states to enact similar laws to protect and defend your own rights as Americans. The more states that follow Arizona’s lead, the better to tie knots in the tails of all the idiots and morons in the regime. Fight for E-verify to protect America’s jobs for Americans! Finally, come November, vote for good, honest people that will go to Washington and do their best to undo all the damage already done and stop any further damage.

After all, our Founding Fathers, ancestors and heroes that fought for this country are getting dizzy, angrily spinning in their graves over the current regime’s actions to destroy all those people built and defended. Those people deserve more respect than they are getting, from all of us, and that includes the current crop of soldiers, sailors and flyboys in our military. [By saying flyboys I don’t mean to leave out all the brave women serving in our military, but to include them gratefully] It’s a wonder Arlington Cemetery isn’t jiggling and jumping, like a violently shaken gelatin mold, from the angry, honored dead that Congress, Obummer, and the rest of the fools in DC have spit on so blithely. Should we give them blindfolds before the firing squad shoots them as traitors, like so many got in the past? Or would it be more appropriate for them to have to face the honest Americans holding the guns?

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