If Mexico and its citizens are so upset about their people, crossing illegally into the U.S. are dying then why don't they keep their people on their side of the border? You don't see many U.S. citizens crossing illegally into Mexico! Our border patrol agents are in harms way every day from illegal aliens trying to force their way into OUR country to steal jobs, identities, property and money from OUR citizens! We aren't crossing into THEIR country and committing these acts of violence, robbery and theft to support a corrupt government and drug cartels.

The Mexican president needs to remember that it is his people that are in the wrong and his people that need to be stopped. Breaking our laws seems to be a sport with these people because they do it so often, all while creating problems for us U.S. citizens through their actions. If our elected officials would do the job they swore an oath to perform we would have a secure border instead of an invasion. The invasion is not being repelled because our cowardly congress doesn't have the guts to ensure the enforcement of our laws and our borders. And the gutless wonders wonder why we want to boot their lazy butts out of offices they lied to gain! Stupidity compounded by cowardice deserves to be removed, with extreme prejudice!

We need our elected officials to reenact Operation Wetback, which was successful in three previous administrations, to repel the invasion of illegal aliens and restore the sovereignty of OUR nation. Praise should be heaped upon our border agents for their extreme tolerance and their dedication to duty in the face of such difficult times when too many do not support them. People wonder why we don't have a larger border patrol force? Just look at the way they are treated by the very people they are sworn to protect! Then look at the people that are supposed to give them resources to do their jobs, the cowards in congress that stupidly think they'll gain voters out of an amnesty bill! This invasion force from the south has one main goal and that is to take over this country, rip the rug out from under us citizens and place their own Mexican president in the White House.

They are already teaching their children their intentions to take our country away from us without ever firing many shots! Sending their children across the border to attend our schools, without paying any tuition, and being allowed to cross for that purpose is bankrupting school districts all along the border. Illegal aliens show up at emergency rooms for medical care, with no intention of ever paying for the services, and are bankrupting hospitals and the communities that pay for them.

Closing our borders to anyone without proper papers and permission to enter is the only way to keep our country OURS! Instituting laws, like the one Arizona bravely passed, and carrying out the enforcement of our laws might result in some hard feelings south of the border. However, this is our country, not theirs! Their opinions of our laws are obviously pretty low since they refuse to obey the laws, yet expect us to obey their laws without question. If they don't like our laws they should stay home, where they belong! If they want to live in a country like ours they can either obey our laws or make their country more like ours, through hard work and taking care of business, LIKE WE TRY TO DO EVERY DAY!

Our politicians need a good swift kick in the pants to remind them who they work for and what their oaths are supposed to mean. If they can't bring themselves to do their jobs they need to resign, give up all those lovely perks and pensions and get an honest job for once, while letting better people actually do the jobs. People that really do have the guts to do what is right for OUR country and citizens, even if it does piss off the denizens of other countries! Their opinions shouldn't matter when it comes to us in the U.S. because they don't belong here anyway! You illegal aliens don't like our laws, our flag and our language? Feel free to leave, go back where your flag is popular and your language is used. This is my country and you can't have it!

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