Storm Track Infiltration: Internet Jihadists Plan ‘Raid’ in Cyberspace

The jihad continues to advance in cyberspace. Global Islamic Media Front Instructs Islamists to Infiltrate Popular Non-Islamic Forums to Spread Pro-Islamic State Propaganda. The Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) has announced a new comprehensive media campaign titled "The Battar Media Raid to Defend the Islamic State [of Iraq].

In a message titled "The Battar Media Raid: How to Participate? How to Help? What Is My Role?" the GIMF announces the beginning of the campaign and provides a detailed description of the campaign's goals and ways of accomplishing them, including infiltrating non-Islamic forums for the purpose of posting pro-ISI propaganda.

Here are some excerpts.

The Islamist Forum Must Be Like a Beehive During the Raid.

"What we expect from you brothers and sisters is for the [Islamist] forum to be like beehives during the raid… [whereby] one person takes part in distributing [material]… another generates links… one person writes an article… while another writes a poem… People must feel and notice that the forums have changed radically during this blessed raid…"

"First:…Those who supervise the [Islamist] forums have a significant role in this raid. We expect from you the following: a) to post the raid's slogan on the websites, forums, and blogs, as a way of expressing support for the raid; b) to designate a special space in the forums in which material related to the raid will be posted… so [that this material] will be easily recognized [by forum participants]. We request that this space be open to everyone, with registration not required; and c) to collaborate with GIMF in matters concerning suggestions and experience…"

"Second, we expect the following from the forums' administrators: a) to take control of your forums and forbid anyone who slanders [the ISI] or [accuses it of causing] civil strife from disseminating his poison in your forums… [and] b) to prevent futile and useless discussions and responses… and to urge people to participate in the raid."

Here's the plan for innocent infidel entertainment sites – their end-game of the raid.

The raid demands of you many things… such as expertise, especially in the following areas: seeking religious knowledge, montage, translation into any language, uploading material onto various types of websites, web design, graphic design, journal and publication design, and hacking and security. If you have expertise in any of these [fields], contact the GIMF representative on any of the forums. If, however, you do not possess this expertise… there are other matters you can [promote]: for example, posting matters related to the raid in most [jihad] forums… posting [material] in non-jihad forums, posting in non-Islamic forums such as music forums, youth forums, sports forums, and others. Anyone who undertakes to post the material must look into the [appropriate] manner of spreading [the material for each type of forum]… The way in which members of music forums address one another differs from the way members of jihad forum address one another."

Anti-jihadist bloggers should be alert to this raid and expose the jihadists for what they are when found.

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