Storm Track Disinformation: Terrorism? Much Ado About Nothing

That quote from Matt Hooper in the movie Jaws pretty much foretells the outcome of the Left because of their beliefs about the war on terror. As I wrote in a previous blog, Who’s Really Creating Terrorists?

When you fight a WAR doesn’t the enemy create more foot soldiers to replace others that are killed? Didn’t




recruit more and more troops as the WAR progressed? But if you see this clash between the ideology of freedom and the ideology of tyranny as just a criminal issue than, of course, if crime increases your tactics are a failure. So since in the mind of the Left we are creating more criminals – i.e., terrorists – the struggle against radical Islam is a failure – right? But if we are fighting a WAR, it is not unreasonable to expect that more enemy troops will be recruited by the enemy for the conflict?


And the denial of war goes even further when terrorist plots are uncovered by the Government like the Fort Dix Six. Their response is Much Ado About Nothing.

The big story over the weekend involved the arrest of several men involved in an alleged conspiracy to destroy






New York

by igniting it’s jet fuel lines. Now that time has passed and questions can be raised, it’s not all that clear that this plot ever did, or could, amount to much of anything.

Or accuse the Government of Another Fake Terror Plot.

The New York Daily News on Monday carried five pages on the "plot," with a ludicrous front-page headline, "Evil Ate at Table Eight," promoting an inside interview with the Brooklyn waitress who served a meal to Russell Defreitas, whom the paper describes as the "mastermind" of the alleged plot, just before he was picked up by federal agents and police.

Yet the profile of Defreitas, a 63-year-old


citizen who emigrated from


25 years ago, hardly suggests a terrorist "mastermind." A former friend describes him as someone who, before becoming a Muslim, had declared himself a Rastafarian and grown dreadlocks. He recalled his involvement in various business schemes to ship air conditioners or refrigerators to


, none of which ever came to anything.

"He couldn't even fix brakes," the former friend said. "He never built bombs."

How do you think this poo-pooing of terrorist plots would be reported by, let’s say the Huffington Post or Daily Kos, if it was uncovered back in 2000.

Huffington Post

January 13th, 2000

John Q. Liberal

Hot on the heals of the uncovering of the Millennium terrorist plot, the White House held a press conference today announcing the discovery of a second attempt to destroy the World Trade Towers. Authorities were also looking into an alleged addition to the plot to destroy the Pentagon and White House.

In an attempt to defer the current problems plaguing the illegal Bush Administration, the White House has dreamed up a lulu of a plot more like from a


screenplay than reality.

Now get this.

The plot is to use US airlines as cruise missiles and fly them into buildings. And how will the terrorists hijack these airlines? With box cutters! But it gets better.

The plot includes terrorists crossing our borders and taking flying lessons in the


. And this is the best part. They will inform the flight schools that they don’t want to learn to make these sophisticated pieces of technology take off or land. Only fly the plane!

Could you imagine the stupidity? “Um let me get this straight. You’re Middle-Eastern, you don’t want to graduate with a flying certificate. You don’t want to learn to take off or land, right? ‘Hello, FBI.’

This ‘joint operation’ is more like a comedy between the Marx Brothers and the Keystone Kops presented by an Administration to deter our attention from the worsening economy, growing poverty, stem cell research, and tax breaks for the rich.

Please, President Bush. Don’t insult our progressive intelligence. To paraphrase Sidney Falco at the end of Sweet Smell of Success, these Bushies have such contempt for people, it makes them stupid.

I’ll let Matt Hooper respond to such a post. “I'm not going to waste my time arguing with a man who's lining up to be a hot lunch.”

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