Storm Track Disinformation: Civil Rights Is A Form of Critizing Islam

Done? Good. Here it goes.

There exist a concerted attempt to undermine Islam and Muslims, in


, today. This structured effort is being generated from outside


and if unchecked, will lead to further instability with regards to the acceptance and sensitivities of Malaysian Muslim majority towards conversion outside Islam.

In a recent landmark case where Lina Joy wished to omit the word “Islam” from her MyKad, no longer depicting her faith in Islam, the Chief Justice of


ruled that “one cannot embrace or leave religion according to one’s whims and fancies”.

It was seen as people taking advantage of the case for their own narrow quest. Some say it was an attempt to test the system which protected the interests of the predominant Malay Muslim majority. The case attracted a lot of NGOs from abroad, hiding under the veil of universal values such as human rights.

Now, we can’t have that! How dare the world hold Islam to the concept of universal human rights? How dare they! But why stop at government issued identity cards as excuses for establishing human rights. What’s that saying. If you find yourself in hole – stop digging.

However, the structured effort still continue. Some of them tried to re-define and narrowly interpret Islam and/or the covenants and conventions that Islam stood for, for ill intent and skewed reasons. The Ministry of Internal Security recently banned 37 titles of books contained elements that will demean Islam, from the Malaysian perspective.

Another once moderate Muslim nation falls under the control of the Islamists.

Syariah Chief Judge Datuk Sheikh Ghazali Abdul Rahman said the decision meant that only the syariah court could judge cases involving Islam and apostates. "The decision cements the court as the authority on Islam in the country. If other courts were allowed to interject in Islamic cases, that would make the syariah court’s role redundant," he said.

Yep. Secular governments are redundant. Don’t need them. But there is some good news coming from that part of the world – and Muslims don’t like it one bit.

The Howard government recently outdid its Western masters in the war on terror, announcing that it would begin banning and restricting materials that it deemed to be promoting ‘terrorism’.

The announcement alarmed activists who are already worried about the way in which


is living up to its status as deputy sheriff for the


. It is common knowledge that the latest book-banning move did not target works bearing titles such as “How To Make A Bomb”. Nor did it mean removing books praising Hizbullah – the kind of book that could not have made it into the Australian bookshelves anyway, thanks to the intensely Islamophobic campaign being championed by a tiny, but vocal and powerful, segment of the country.

It’s called self-defense and cultural protection.


gets it and see the danger of anything that smacks of Islamic fundamentalism and won’t be intimidated by Islamist propaganda claiming their rights are being violated.

We can learn a lot from the Aussies.

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