Storm Track Appeasement: Muslim Conflicts? Yep, Global Warming Is To Blame

He's getting military science confused with science.

LONDON: Climate change will increase competition for scarce resources and plunge many into desperate poverty, fanning conflict and terrorism across the world,

Britain's army chief said in comments released by the Defense Ministry on Tuesday.

Rising temperatures, flooding, and desertification were likely to hit some of the most unstable parts of the globe the hardest, Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup told a conference on climate change at


Chatham House think tank on Monday.

He noted that competition over disappearing resources in the Sudanese region of

Darfur had already led to war.

Umm… Excuse me? I thought the Darfur tragedy was caused by a civil war involving Muslims? Is the

UK military blind? The struggle is not over food Air Chief Marshal Stirrup, it’s over ideology – the same ideology that seeks to force your

UK into submission.

"Just a glance at the map showing the areas most likely to be affected and you are struck at once by the fact that they're exactly those parts of the world where we see fragility, instability and weak governance today," he said. "It seems to me rather like pouring petrol onto a burning fire." Stirrup said that overcrowding, the breakdown of social order, and wholesale violence were "some of the more obvious" possible consequences of climate change.

Yeah, let’s talk about the breakdown of social order. This is just a short excerpt from the interview in that article.

FP: Walid Phares, Thomas Haidon and Jon Lewis, welcome to Frontpage Symposium.

Mr. Lewis, let me begin with you. I would like to start with something that has puzzled me: many of the roots of the

Darfur genocide reside in Islamic jihad. On many fronts, this is a holy war led by Muslims. How come we almost never hear about this in the mainstream media?

The media in the

United States is very uncomfortable in attributing religious motivations to violence. We see this in the case of the Palestinian suicide bombers who are often described as motivated by poverty and frustration, rather than by religious ideology. In Darfur, there is indeed a religious component to the violence; after all, the

Khartoum government is an Islamo-fascist one.

What bothers me more about the media coverage of Darfur is its lack of historic context –

Darfur is but one example of Arab racism toward non-Arabs within the broader "Arab world." The Darfur genocide, I believe, must be viewed not solely as a case of an Islamic jihad, but also as a case of Arab racism and should be seen as parallel to Saddam Hussein's genocide against Kurds and the Algerian government's repression of the Kaybles.

Remember: both the Kurds and Kabyles are primarily Sunni Muslims, at least in a nominal sense. I don't mean to downplay the Islamic jihad aspect; however, I think that we cannot understand the violence in Darfur (and

Iraq, for that matter) without examining the persistence of intra-Muslim ethnic conflict in the region and Arab racism.

FP: So Dr. Phares, can you crystallize the themes for us? Why are the Muslim Arabs killing the Christians and Blacks? This is an Islamic Jihad combined with racial hate?

Phares: It is both. Probably one of the most lethal religious and racial wars combined in contemporary times.

The MSM and now the military seem to ignore this ‘inconvenient truth’.

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