Storm Track Appeasement: Blair Would Fight Terrorism – in the Universities?

"Where have you gone, Winston Churchill?

Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Boo Hoo Hoo!

What's that you say, Mrs. Robinson?

WC has left and gone away."

Winston Churchill was a leading member of what is known today as ‘The Greatest generation’. Another war leader 60 years later, Tony Blair, has not learned the lessons of his courageous predecessor. Churchill saved

Britain with courage and fortitude. Blair intends to save

Britain with talk and money. From the Global Politician.

Can Blair's Million Pound Bill on Islam Save


Sure, one million pounds could to it—that’s a lot of loot—maybe if it had been offered twenty or thirty years ago. It’s too late now. About all it will do is buy more nails to pound into John Bull’s coffin. The

Chicago Cubs have a better chance of winning the 2007 World Series than

England has of surviving the 21st Century. But that doesn’t keep Tony Blair from trying. Blair addressed a conference of moderate Muslims in

London last week in another last-ditch effort to save Merry Olde

England from a fate worse than death. He pledged to spend one million pounds to improve the teaching of Islamic studies in

Britain’s universities.

Poor deluded fool. Blair’s approach to

Britain’s threat? Fight the enemy on the beaches and in the fields and in the streets as Churchill said he would do? No such luck. Blair is fighting

England’s enemies in the universities!

Blair is a generation late and a trillions pounds short. One of every four Muslims residing in

England believes the British government was responsible for the

London bombings and just as many approve of suicide bombings to achieve religious ends. A half-century of political correctness and run-amok multiculturalism has destroyed


What you end up is drivel from Time Out London, an Internet entertainment magazine. There’s something telling and disturbing about the current state of Western Civilization when entertainment mouthpieces pontificate on socio-political issues. The magazine has been rhapsodic in its praise of Islam.

London’s future is Islamic, it says—and it’s a good thing. Time Out buttressed its argument with some interesting, if strange, observations. 1.The washing of hands and feet required before prayer promotes public hygiene. 2.Alcohol is haram—forbidden. Get rid of John Barleycorn and alcohol-related deaths and crimes would decline—indeed, become rare. 3 Some of the finest art in

London is already Islamic. 4.By paying the Muslim zakat, a 2.5 percent welfare tax, poverty would end.

London would be more just and less cruel. 5. Under Islam all ethnicities are equal. (Of course, Time Out was kidding—weren’t they?)

Global Politician has a different take on Time Out

London’s idiotic speculation.

1. Psychiatrists have a word for the constant washing of hands (and feet). They call it obsessive-compulsive behavior. It is a mental disorder. It would be better to wash one’s hands after visiting the loo than before prayer—more hygienic.

2. Banning alcohol will not stop ‘honor killings’ and it will not stop suicide bombings until the last Jew is dead and maybe not even then. And what would Rooster Cogburn do if bitten by a snake?

3. Muslim doctrine is opposed to the artistic reproduction of the human body. There would be no Mona Lisa, no Whistler’s Mother…no Bamiyan Buddhas. And Music? It doesn’t matter whether it’s Snoop Doggy Do-Do or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, nobody will be playing the zither in a mosque.

4. The zakat is spent exclusively on Muslims. No Hindus, no animists need apply. There was less cruelty per square inch on Jeff Davis’s plantation than there would be an Islamic


5. Time Out

London concluded: Under Islam all ethnicities are equal. Once you have submitted to Allah you are a Muslim—it doesn’t matter what colour you are. End of story. (End of story? Isn’t that the way Archie Bunker ended arguments he couldn’t win?)

This type of muddy thinking assisted by the incessant appeasement by the main stream media would produce a news report on how D-Day would be reported today.

Mr. Blair and Prince Chuckles take note and learn from that greatest generation who knew the difference between compassion and weakness, courage and pacifism, conviction and relativism, and the commitment to absolute ideals and not moral equivalency.


Britain is to survive the 21st century it will need to weed out the appeasers, apologists and useful idiots from its cultural gene pool.

From The Gathering Storm Blog

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