Stop and Think about it

by Aaron Cantor USAF (ret) –

Think about the last four words of the Second Amendment of The Constitution of the United States.
Those four words read; “Shall Not Be Infringed”.

Think about those four words, and then ask yourself if all the different petty and idiotic restrictions placed on the ability to purchase a gun in all the different states, counties, and municipalities just to make life difficult for law abiding

Americans are infringements?

You bet they are!!!

A politician (read that an idiot liberal) WILL SAY NO IT IS A SAFETY MEASURE, to keep guns out of the hands of bad or questionable people.

Those restrictive regulations are only feel good measures to make politicians feel safe, as they do not like armed citizens, since armed citizens make them extremely nervous, as well they should.

The bad guys do not walk into a gun store and buy a weapon like you or I do, they either buy it out of the trunk of some guy’s car, or they steal it during a burglary or acquire it during some other illegal activity.

I just read this morning that Washington D.C. want’s its registered gun owners to come in at a specified time (their call) get re-fingerprinted, pay a fee for the electronic fingerprinting, pay a re-registration fee and if they don’t, then their legally owned weapon will be declared illegal, and they will then be guilty of a felony.

Several politicians including that scatterbrained Dianne Feinstein have concealed carry permits, and I am wondering why she thinks it is alright for her to pack heat, but does not want the rest of us to have the same right?

In point of fact what makes these elected idiots think that we need any kind of permit to keep, bear, or carry firearms of any nature?

The only permit we need is right in the Second Amendment, and they can only do to us what we allow them to do, and nowhere in the Second Amendment does it give them the authority to place any kind of restrictions on the ownership, or carrying of those firearms which we wish to own.

If it is not spelled out in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights the Politicians have no authority to make law out of thin air or whole cloth.

In fact, it doesn’t even allow them to place any restriction on the caliber, length of barrel, capacity of magazine or type of ammunition we can use.

The Usurper in Chief doesn’t even have the authority to make laws outside of the enumerated powers spelled out in the Constitution, though he will try his best to convince you that he does, but trust me he DOES NOT have that authority.

Recently a couple of states (California being one can’t remember the other right now) put a ban on lead ammunition which is nothing more than a backdoor restriction on hunters firearms which is just one more way of restricting the use of firearms by private citizens, and George Soros has gotten into the act by purchasing Mossberg fire arms Mfg., and intends to close it.

I shouldn’t think the police deserve all that much trust either, as was the case in Germany after the war when those bozos were standing in the dock at Nuremberg, their excuse was I was just following the orders of my superiors, it didn’t fly then either, they still hung them as guilty, so why take the chance.

I don’t know about you, but I am of the opinion that most of the police I have come into contact with, should be wearing lightning bolts on the lapels of their uniforms because their attitude is if you are not wearing a badge, you are automatically one of the bad guys, and that could get you shot.



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Conservative USAF (ret) Born 19NOYDB

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