Steven Crain Is Innocent

… convicted of a crime he did not commit.

How many times, in the past years, have you heard of a person being criminally charged, prosecuted, and jailed for a crime that eventually they were found not to have committed. Even if you answered 1, that 1 person is just too many. It happens more than you can imagine. It is a pandemic.

I know what I speak of, since for the last 9 plus years, my nearest and dearest friend, Steven Crain, was and still is a victim of being an innocent man being rail-roaded, incarcerated, because of the vindictive, retaliatory, drug using, drug dealing, drug selling, drug trafficking, Regina Hyman, and all because of the fact that Steven would not baby-sit her kids for free. Ms. Hyman filed false charges against him, claiming that Steven had sexually assaulted her daughter. There was never any evidence, just hearsay, and even that had so many lies.

I have seen the proof that Steven is innocent and read the transcripts for his year 2000 case that definitely proves his innocence.

I will show, and name names of the government officials from the offices of the Clark County District Attorney, Clark County Deputy District Attorney, Clark County Public Defender, Las Vegas Police Department, Nevada Attorney General, Nevada Parole and Probation, Clark County District Court Judges, United States District Court Judges, Therapists, Attorneys, etc, who to this day, refuse to admit that they were wrong.

The emotional turmoil, the Legal Abuse Syndrome, Steven, to this day, suffer from and the horrific memories of being in jail are even painful to hear about.

Please help me, help my best friend Steven, for once and for all have his name and reputation cleared.

Thank you!

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