State of the Union: Held Together By Chewing Gum

"In populous cities, which are the seat of commerce and manufactures, the middle ranks of inhabitants, who derive their subsistence from the dexterity or labour of their hands, are commonly the most prolific, the most useful, and, in that sense, the most respectable part of the community. But the plebeians of Rome, who disdained such sedentary and servile arts, had been oppressed from the earliest times by the weight of debt and usury, and the husbandman, during the term of his military service, was obliged to abandon the cultivation of his farm. The lands of Italy, which had been originally divided among the families of free and indigent proprietors, were insensibly purchased or usurped by the avarice of the nobles; and in the age which preceded the fall of the republic, it was computed that only two thousand citizens were possessed of any independent substance."

Chapter 31, Fall of the Roman Empire

Edward Gibbons

"The weight of debt and usury;" that phrase strikes a familiar chord in the death song of our own republic.

The avarice of the nobles in our senate, has crafted a new stimulus package, which will be our last banquet aboard the ocean liner, U.S.S. America, which will carry us to our collective watery grave.

Lady Liberty sits on the railing of our great ship of state–in the darkness of night–fingering the now borrowed pearls of freedom around her neck, as she contemplates national suicide and despair, by quietly slipping into the dark abyss of the financial ocean. Her last meal is eaten, as she faces beggary, slavery, and bondage to the corporations, which gift her with the fiat play money of her own demise.

She can no longer glory in the youth and strength of her body, for it is wasted away by the many years of usury imposed by the Federal Reserve.

No one has use for an old woman anymore, who holds a handful of wooden nickles she received in exchange for her youthful and strong national body. That healthy body, was sold to the corporations by the lawmakers we entrusted with our country.

The people remain glued to their television sets, as they observe the Circus Maximus of our political process, in the form of the incompetent fool who has delivered his final State of the Union speech to our nation. The jackals and hyenas of Congress stand to applaud the Supreme Nitwit, who failed to secure our borders from the shock troops of the central bankers.

Now our country stands at a crossroads, as we see the elevation of another tyrant–a more virulent strain, in John McCain. America will be forced to draft her own final play, called "The Last Emperor," as our civilization slides into the slavery of collectivism, forced by these bankers and lawmakers, who offer us the magic beans of a stimulus package, in exchange for the family cow.

There has been very little debate in the House of Representatives regarding this 161 billion "stimulus package."

In essence, it is a plan engineered by the elites, for every one of us to have a hand in the destruction of our own republic–including the slave laborers from Mexico, who also qualify in some cases for a hot check. It is based on greed, and everyone getting a piece of the dying behemoth.

According to Tom Tancredo; Resident Aliens will qualify, without having to prove U.S. citizenship. Everyone knows that the money spent, will stimulate the Mexican and Red Chinese economies–not ours. It is the equivalent of sealing a crack in the financial levee with chewing gum.

This cockamamie plan proves that the people who run our government, have no clue how to preserve our republic from the same debt which destroyed the thousand-year-old civilization of Ancient Rome.

Such a stopgap measure, ignores the real state of our Union, which is in dire financial peril. We deal with the symptoms of the diseased state of our economy, without performing the radical surgery which will actually save the life of our republic.

It is not time to pay the legions with debased money, which will only be spent on shoddy Red Chinese goods; it is time to reform our banking system, and the way we finance everything–including the endless war John McCain has promised us.

McCain is another wannabe "War President" who does not realize that in order to prosecute war; we must have a strong economy, lest our deficit spending sink us quicker than war.

There is a lot of talk about "cutting spending," and maybe such a course is about as realistic as flagellating ourselves for being "addicted to oil." We are still a superpower which must indeed prosecute war for the time being, until Jihadistan is destroyed.

Great powers run on oil and military readiness. Such things cannot be without a strong economy and industrial base.

The nation's ability to wage war, is directly connected to the strength of our economy, and that strength cannot be maintained by injecting ourselves with the heroin rush of an alleged "stimulus package," which is more of a pipe dream for our counterfeit lawmakers.

Here is how the Betsy Ross of our Second American Revolution has summed up the situation:

"… these miscreants in Congress are not only unfit for office, but border on the brink of mental illness – ILLEGAL aliens will also get these "tax rebates." No, you're not reading that wrong. Comrade Pelosi and her gang of nitwits passed this bill which contains a provision to give criminals (illegals who smuggle themselves across our borders) who "earn" $3,000 per year by stealing jobs they have no legal right to have, a $300.00 hot check and your children and grand babies will be the ones to inherit the debt. Yesterday, the counterfeit senate scared for their political future this November, killed that provision in their version of this grotesque "stimulus" package; who knows what the final carrot will look like?" *

Devvy Kidd

Still feel like voting either Democrat or Republican? How about Third Party; how about Ron Paul?

A counterfeit senate; a counterfeit banking system; what are the people to do, in addition to prosecuting The Second American Revolution?

We should put into immediate effect, plans for drilling oil in Alaska and other areas of our own country. That is this writer's–and many others–definition of a true stimulus package.

(WASHINGTON, DC) – "Interior Secretary Gale Norton said that oil reserves in the far Northern Coastal Plain of ANWR represent the nation's largest single prospect for future oil production – greater than any state, including Texas and Louisiana.

Secretary Norton shared statistics about ANWR's energy potential with members of the U.S. House Resource Committee during testimony this morning on Capitol Hill.

'The Administration firmly believes that we can develop energy at home while protecting the environmental values we all hold dear,' Secretary Norton said. 'The Coastal Plain of ANWR's 1002 area is the nation's single greatest onshore oil reserve. The USGS estimates that it contains a mean expected value of 10.4 billion barrels of technically recoverable oil. To put that into context, the potential daily production from ANWR's 1002 area is larger than the current daily onshore oil production of any of the lower 48 states.'"**

Michael Reagan had this to say about ANWR and John McCain: "This is from a man who opposed drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska…"


"In John McCain's eyes, conservatives are the Viet Cong of this generation and he treats us as such. It's either his way or no way.

I despise his habit of talking down to us, like a wise father to an idiot son. He's just at a loss to understand why everybody doesn't grovel at his feet and accept his every word as wisdom handed down from his lofty perch atop Mt. Olympus."

A pretty succinct synopsis, regarding John McCain–from the eldest son of Ronald Wilson Reagan.

This is why a Ron Paul presidency is imperative to stimulate our economy– not the fool's gold of a stimulus package.

We need to return to using more nuclear power, as well as wind, wave and solar sources.

The Russian Federation has seen the light, and has regained her lost strength, by becoming an energy giant…and so can we.

We should follow the paradigm set by Russian president Vladimir Putin, and take our grounded economy, and get it to fly once again–just like the grounded Russian pilots who now once again, soar through the skies in strength and glory.

The current pattern of our military readiness, involves overextending ourselves by securing the military defense of nations which can afford to pay their own way. We have adopted the welfare state paradigm to ensure a defense umbrella for industrialized nations, which gouge us in trade.

It would be far better if we built up our blue-water navy with that money, to counter any threat coming from Red China.

As General George S. Patton once observed: "Fixed fortifications are monuments to man's stupidity."

Thus may be seen the folly of maintaining these military bases, which drain our economy.

We need a fundamental change in our national thought processes, to ensure the survival of our nation, for it is almost too late to save our republic from traversing the course trod by Ancient Rome.

Our Lady Liberty is not the goddess Ishtar, with a million teats, for the world to suck from. The conservative agenda is to abandon the welfare state, and socialism, not bring it to fruition.

Rather than going on austerity measures during a time of total war, when money is needed; we should return to funding war by the process accepted since time immemorial, by expropriation of the spoils of war. We should simply take what we need from those countries which have invaded us–including Mexico.

The Second Mexican War must be settled with a formal peace treaty signed by Mexico, which ensures unconditional Mexican surrender to America.

Should a guest worker program be enacted, it must be funded by Mexican oil shipped to America.

Any other plan continues the cycle of a host/parasite relationship with that country.

Any "War President" worth his salt, would recognize the glaring fact of Mexican annexation of American territory, by a 36 million-man occupation army.

We are not a welfare agency for the fictitious "nation building," but a conqueror of Iraq, which we have paid for in American blood and treasure. It is time to charge Iraq a "service charge" for every American life lost, and to compensate America for the financial drain on our economy.

The flower of American youth, is not required to gift ingrates with liberty on a golden platter. Freedom is never free.

We can start by charging the nation of Iraq five million dollars for each-and-every dead and maimed American soldier. That oil money, to be delivered to our bereaved military families. Our government should just take what we need to compensate us for the bankruptcy this war against Islamic fundamentalism has contributed to our national misfortune, with the corresponding fall out to our economy.

War is not a stimulus package, nor welfare programs for failed nations—especially Mexico, Afghanistan and Iraq.

We can focus on how OPEC squeezes our economy, as an act of covert warfare against us. We can resolve to squeeze them back, a hundredfold.

"George Bush should point the finger of blame at Mrs. Pelosi and Sen. Reid and their environmentalist co-conspirators for refusing to enact an energy policy that dictates drilling in ANWR and the Florida Gulf — where the Chinese and Cubans are drilling for the huge plentiful supply of oil beneath the seas to their heart´s content." ***

Michael Reagan

We can also focus on how Red Chinese companies gobble up more and more of our strategic assets, as they pretend to befriend us, while threatening us with nuclear annihilation at the same time.

Now the question arises, as to the legacy of the Bush Administration. How will historians see it?

That legacy has already been written by a possible future president: "Here we have the humiliating spectacle of a president of the United States begging an Arab potentate to increase our supply of oil while Democrats, who bear the major responsibility for the problem, scoff at him as a mendicant groveling at the feet of a foreign monarch."

Michael Reagan

Some War President…with hat in hand.

Perhaps he could hold the Saudis hostage by suggesting the vaporization of Mecca, the paving over of that holy site for a new U.S. military air base, and sucking that country dry of its oil, by the infidel. Just desserts for 9/11.

Richard Armitage set that pattern of threats with his ultimatum to Pakistan.

Whether "Dubya" goes begging for oil–as he sits on the third largest supply in Iraq–or he attends the Beijing Olympics, to lick Red Chinese boots; it is all the same. No imagination, no vision from this president; and with John McCain, more of the same.

Yes, there is much we can do to turn our national misfortune around, but the highest order of business must be the dissolution of the Federal Reserve. This agenda can no longer wait. It is not the duty of the American people to pay ruinous usury to a private corporation, so that we may "borrow" that which is already ours.

The only presidential candidate who understands or talks of this, is Ron Paul.


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