State Of The Union Address: Clowns Rush In

…. Political clowns made a circus of the seriousness of the Union Address for laughs. To millions of Americans, the political clowning was not funny. The laugh if any was on the clowns. edwin sumcad … 02/02/08

The idea is not to laugh so hard when jokes are told and at the end just to die laughing.

Liberal funny men Keith Olbermann and Chris Mathews at couldn’t say something nice about Pres. Bush when he delivered the 7th and last State of the Union Address [SOTUA or Union Address for short] Monday January 28, 2008 except to clown the seriousness of the president’s message to the Union.

What I listened to as the president of the United States addressed the nation on national television was a voice of experience that the president wanted to share with Congress. Learning from experience in running the affairs of the nation, Pres. Bush implored opportunists in Congress to cast aside their political wrangling that creates divisiveness, and urge a bipartisan approach in solving the enormous problems that we face today and in the days ahead.

That a bickering Congress that barely accomplish anything worth the ink of history, should instead listen to the voice and need of the American people and must do something about it was the central theme of the Union Address. Bush had heard the voice of the people and had responded to their urgent and priority needs such as the need to strengthen our national security, to protect our gains in the war in Iraq, the need to economically empower the people through tax cut and tax relief in order to address the specter of recession, among others, are real, but addressing them with bipartisan solutions is a continuing struggle that does not end with his term of office this year.

The rest of those top and priority needs — as these come along which require more time to address … time that as an outgoing president Pres. Bush no longer claim the luxury of having — have been capsulated in his recommendations to Congress to pass laws for their implementation in behalf of the American people. Above all, Pres. Bush implored a bipartisan approach to solving the enormous problems we face. He reminded members of Congress of their primordial responsibility to listen to the voice and need of the American people as a matter of conscience, rather than listen to their own as a matter of political expediency.

More or less what I have just described was the overall theme of last Monday’s historic SOTUA. The president’s report to Congress in joint session on what have been achieved so far out of those priority needs – such as what we have accomplished in preventing more terrorist attacks due to our successful security programs which the radical left had criticized and maligned, and many others that are still on course — must have hurt the cause of anti-Bush Liberal extremists in this coming November presidential election that mouthpieces of Lefwags typical of the MSNBC team, have to bury it in a debris of dehydrated humor, which to a ravenous intellectual palate tasted as dry as biscuit.

“Lefwag” by the way is an acronym I have devised and used in all my editorial reports and analytical essays, to shorten the phrase “leftist extremists [also enemy] from within against the government”.

Lefwags have their spokespeople in print as well as TV-radio media circuit. Liberals like Mathews and Olbermann of are counterparts of Conservatives’ Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity of Fox These are hammer and tong if not viper critics of political interests and ideological causes opposite their own.

There is nothing objective that comes out of their mouth. They practice opinion suasion in development journalism. Fierce advocates of a free press, it is from their likes where the interpretations of events spin. They are like any other opinion TV-Radio broadcasters, commentators and editorial writers. They only defer from other free and independent editorial writers in the sense that they are politically and ideologically committed.

The public often complains that these media guys hardly see their own wrong or admit their own mistakes, and therefore could not criticize their faults or correct themselves even if they stand in front of the mirror and see their mistakes as ugly if not uglier than the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Unlike other opinion writers in the practice of free journalism who criticize politicians and ideologues in extremis regardless of distinction or from what nook and cranny of socio-political isms or ideology they come from but whose actions are blameworthy if not dangerously inimical to public interest, they can only criticize their opponents or others unsympathetic to their cause, and criticize none other than these.

Inversely, they could not criticize themselves or pass judgment on their own faults so that only their opponents and other neutral journalists can point to them their ridiculous mistakes and obvious shortcomings. [underscored].

Thus acting as mouthpieces of Lefwags, the above-mentioned members of the MSNBC team had become “experts” in their lampoon preoccupation in the Media cheered by their own followers, especially in pursuing their number one game in the hillside of politics – Pres. Bush.

Last Monday’s SOTUA gave Olbermann and Mathews opportunity to once again ridicule Pres. Bush. Olberman called the president’s speech “oldies but not so goodies”. Mathews described on national television the president’s address as reminiscent “… [1] of the character Fibber McGee, a character prone to telling tall tales, from the Fibber McGee and Molly radio series …” This dig evoked laughter to television audience, canned or live.

To them the seriousness of the presidential message to Congress and to the nation, especially the warning that we would lose the war on terror if the succeeding national leadership will not protect our hard-fought gains in Iraq, was absolutely nothing to them.

It means nothing to them when terror takes hold of Iraq once we abscond our responsibility of protecting the newly fragile democratic government in Baghdad that we fought hard to establish. It does not seem to bother them at all if Iraq in the hands of the enemy becomes the base of operations of terror against the United States; they show no signs of concern at all that the nation is put in harms way or my life and yours are endangered once we create our own voluntary defeat in Iraq. But who cares as long as they make fun out of Pres. Bush’s public appearance? It does not even matter even if it jars the conscience of the incredulous public.

Let’s have a look on how Olbermann clowns the Union Address with respect to Pres. Bush’s reminder of the threat of terror that continuous in their endless plot to harm us. Olbermann said that in his speech, Bush “… characterized terror plots referenced by the President as being discredited, calling them "so-called terror plots," including the case of plotters arrested in Britain. Olbermann: ‘Another story about passenger jets invoked again, bound for America over the Atlantic, even though it proved later that the people who were supposed to try to blow them up did not have tickets nor passports to even get on board those planes.’ "

Obviously, ignorant of intelligence reports on record that busted this terror plot in U.K. and saved millions of lives, was rather a joke on Olbermann than on Pres. Bush. The Lefwag spokesman was more ridiculous than what he appears to be as he makes it a habit to joust Bush in public to hug the public limelight at the president’s expense. The Chinese proverb about the fly on top of the head of a giraffe that thinks that it is taller than the giraffe, appears to be true in this case. I do not mean to imply that anyone who acts like a clown can be as delusional as the Chinese proverbial fly.

Olbermann then proceeded in deriding Pres. Bush for continuously promising and accomplishing nothing in Iraq. In reality, much has been accomplished in Iraq. Even Liberal politicians that made a tour of Iraq like Sen. Joseph Lieberman had reported that what we have accomplished in Iraq were beyond monetary estimation.

What we have accomplished in Iraq is not for clowns to jest around in public because making a gag or shaggy dog story out of those accomplishments insults the intelligence of the American public. The comic story intended for laughs, becomes obnoxious and repulsive instead of provocatively entertaining or clandestinely funny.

Sen. Joseph Biden [D-Del.] joined the MSNBC’s clowning of the president’s Union Address. His funny yarn was that Pres. Bush was detached from reality of what he thinks the American people want – to stop the war in Iraq. I think that on this issue, it is the likes of Sen. Biden who are not in touch with reality. What politicians like him want, is to stop the war in Iraq by withdrawing our troops to ensure our defeat in Iraq and exploit it by blaming Bush of that defeat.

All what politicians like Biden care about is their political victory over Pres. Bush, especially in this year’s November election; they are unperturbed of what would happen to this nation or to us the American public as we fight this war on terror, once we fall victim to the lethal consequences of their politically motivated plan of action every time a national election approaches. After what we have undergone this far – the spending and the dying that boggled the imagination, the trauma of external and internal politics that pitted America against Russia and our European allies and Americans against Americans, etc. — quitting Iraq is insane, and security-wise, the effects of leaving Iraq are terrifying, to say the least.

As we know, Sen. Biden ran for the Democratic nomination for president. He dropped out of the race after noticing that the American public doesn’t want him and his likes.

I think one of the cogent reasons why the public thinks that this Senator has no stature as a potential candidate for president is that even in public debates he seems to consider himself merely as a joker. He makes witty public remarks only for laughs, thus typical of a clown he creates out of himself, it is hard for the public to take such kind of politician seriously.

For instance, Sen. Biden disliked Princeton, but then cited his efforts to enroll his children and grandchildren in Princeton because he liked and felt proud of Princeton as a center of learning and academic pursuits.

" ‘I didn't even like Princeton,’ he said, to laughter from the gallery [while then grilling Justice Samuel Alito in a Senate hearing]. ‘I mean, I really didn't like Princeton. I was an Irish Catholic kid who thought it had not changed like you concluded it had,’ referring to Alito's earlier statement that Princeton had changed its traditional ways before he enrolled.” [2]

Sen. Biden was clowning for more laughs because he was in fact all praise of Princeton. "One of my real dilemmas is I have two kids who went to Ivy League schools. I'm not sure my Grandfather Finnegan will ever forgive me for allowing that to happen …I have three children who have mercifully all finally completed undergraduate and graduate school. And I tried to get all three of them to apply here…” [to enroll in Princeton].

This politically wandering presidential wannabe that seems lost in the woods of hillside politics tried to convince his children to attend Princeton but the children didn’t like Princeton like he did, so he said he was “… counting on his grandchildren” to like and enroll in Princeton [laughter].

But notice how Sen. Biden drifted away from the seriousness and purpose of the Senate hearing. Clowning was more important, thus the lack of substance he was branding himself as a politician, which could embarrass a Democratic candidate for president. It was probably a sigh of relief to the Democrats when he quit the nomination race.

Biden’s reaction to the Union Address that Pres. Bush was detached from reality was really hilarious if one thinks that it speaks more of him than of Pres. Bush. He was comfortable when he joined Mathews and Olbermann in the MSNBC television channel in making a delusional fun out of the president’s speech.

Birds of the same feathers flock together, goes the old adage. This is also true to clowns of the same colors that like birds of the same feathers flock together in the air of political bubbles. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS February 01, 2008.

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