Stalking Horse Fred Thompson continues to clear path for Hanoi John McCain

Thompson singular attacks on Huckabee alone instead of the Hanoi John McCain or any other campaigns defined Thompson as a stalking horse (a political candidate used to conceal the candidacy of a more important figure or to draw votes from and cause the defeat of a rival) for the Council on Foreign Relations candidate of Choice Hanoi John.

It was obvious from the beginning that the Thompson campaign was not being aggressively promoted by the candidate. He became more apparent that the timing of Thompson’s entry into the race was more defined by the falling Hanoi John McCain fortunes and rising Huckabee fortunes. The Council on Foreign Relations needed an attack dog candidate that could derail the Huckabee campaign and salvage the McClain disastrous campaign.

Thompson was the only candidate to attack Huckabee directly, repeatedly and harshly during the debates. Hanoi John got to stand by and grin that cocky arrogant smirk he has. He now comes off as the nice guy and not the crazy national socialist neo con war monger he has earned the reputation for being.

McCain is the Bush hand picked replacement and has been groomed for the last 4 years for this run for the presidency. McCain and Bush have been in lock step with each other on each critical issue most Americans oppose. Open borders, Iraq war, economic policy, trade policy, North American Union, deficit spending, any thing you want to name. The big money corporations can not let their investment in buying United States Presidents flounder on a volatile market.

Now Thompson after assuring Huckabee's defeat in South Carolina and reinvigorating the Hanoi John McCain campaign has dropped out of the race and devotes a full time effort to sabotaging the Huckabee campaign. The CFR has discredited Guiliani and has now sets its sites on Romney. They generally have also discredited Ron Paul as a crazy lunatic unkempt character unworthy of consideration.

It looks like the political intrigue we have all discussed during this presidential campaign is coming to fruition. The path to the White House is almost clear for one of the most radical candidates we have ever seen run for he presidency.

It is a sad commentary that our system can not produce more Pro American Candidates like Ron Paul and it is just as sad to recognize the Council on Foreign Relations has the control if does over the few candidates able to mount a presidential campaign.

However as the campaign progresses it becomes more and more clear who is working for the campaigns and what their hidden agendas are.

The democrats are all bought off too, so it is just a matter of waiting and seeing who the CFR anoints as the new King of the United States, soon to be the North American Union and then the brave new one world order.

McCain is fast laying the ground work for the transition with the recent hiring of Juan Hernandez to coordinate the amnesty, no fence open borders new economic North American Union implementation. We can expect to see an end to United States nation state status at least before the deadline of 2010 set by George W. Bush. He promised the bureaucracy was in place and there was nothing we could do about it and it looks like he was right.

Good Job Traitor Thompson, you are doing well for Hanoi John and the CFR.

For those of us who fail to recognize the enemy and attack anyone who we could include in the pro American we the people camp, Kudos to you as well. Division of our forces is the best way for us to get beaten. You must recognize who the enemy is and who the enemy is not.

There are now idiots attacking Lou Dobbs as not doing enough to expose all the members of the CFR. That is the most idiotic conspiracy crap that can occur when we are about to crown Hanoi John the King elect.

Quit wasting your time screwing up our efforts and get after the real enemy for a change. You fools would attack anyone who you think doesn't hate the same people on the same list you have and belittle patriots who have made gargantuan strides to get us where we are.

You are killing Ron Paul's chances by giving the other side ammunition to make him look like the idiots you are. We must attract mainstream voters to the cause or all is lost and you are not doing a damn thing to promote that inclusion of millions of Americans who if informed and not scared to death by irrational attacks would join us.

That will not occur by alienating the millions of bipartisan Lou Dobbs Independent Voters.

The question often comes up, “How damned dumb can anybody get?” and we always are surprised by the level of stupidity that can be achieved in a nanosecond by some people who think they know it all.


'Boycott Chuck Norris,' says Thompson staffer

Campaign spokesman launches website to 'kick him where it hurts – his wallet'

Posted: January 27, 2008

1:00 a.m. Eastern © 2008

Former senator and GOP presidential contender Fred Thompson may have thrown in the towel following last week's third place finish to John McCain and Mike Huckabee, but a former Thompson spokesman is refusing to say die and has launched an Internet campaign against Huckabee's most visible supporter, martial arts champion and television and movie star Chuck Norris.

Darrell Ng, the Thompson campaign's "main point of contact for the media on all travel logistics and scheduling," registered the domain name, on Wednesday, one day after Thompson announced he was dropping out of the presidential race. According to the registration information for the website, Ng lives in Berkeley.

Saying he's 'kicking Chuck Norris where it hurts – his wallet,' Ng explains he's starting the boycott because Norris endorsed a presidential candidate and supports ideas "far out of the mainstream."

Ng singles out Norris' endorsement of Huckabee – "a candidate who says that he does not believe in evolution," and "who called for the isolation of AIDS patients – long after the Centers for Disease Control determined that the virus was not spread by casual contact."

Ng continues: "Republicans long decried celebrities telling us how to vote (see Sean Penn and Ben Affleck in 2004). Certainly, I support Chuck's First Amendment right to free political speech, but he has gone way beyond what other celebrities like Oprah, Sylvester Stallone or Jon Voight have done. These other celebrities have publicly endorsed, and maybe even spent a day or two campaigning with their chosen candidates. Fair enough.

"But Chuck Norris has endorsed a candidate, went out on the stump with him numerous times in different states and even appeared in a commercial with him. To me, that sets him apart and makes him fair game."

Ng is asking visitors to his site to join him in boycotting products Norris endorses and companies that purchase advertising on reruns of his long-running CBS television series, "Walker, Texas Ranger." In the first category, Ng lists exercise-equipment manufacturere Total Gym, endorsed by the actor. Sponsors listed are KFC, Payless Shoes, Nutrisystem, Tylenol and Geico Insurance.

As WND has reported, Norris has also been an ad spokesman for Honda.

Ng even includes two similar sample letters to be sent to the targeted businesses. For advertisers on Walker, Texas Ranger, Ng suggests:

To Whom This May Concern:

I am boycotting your company because you have advertised on a show that features Chuck Norris. He has associated himself with a presidential candidate who is far out of the mainstream of America. This candidate does not believe in evolution and believes that AIDS patients should be isolated. Until your product is not associated with Chuck Norris, I will not consider giving you my business.

Thank you for your time.

In a question-and-answer section, Ng tells readers he's not being compensated for the website and is not serving as a "shill" for any of Huckabee's opponents.

"In this cycle, I worked as a spokesperson for the now defunct Fred Thompson for President campaign, but I am not currently affiliated with any campaign."

Ng, the chief deputy press secretary for the Office of Governor Schwarzenegger from 2003 to 2007, as well as deputy press secretary for Schwarzenegger's political campaign, was appointed by the governor last February to serve as deputy secretary of public communications for the State of California's Business, Transportation and Housing Agency. He left the $110,280-a-year position in September to join the now-folded Thompson campaign.

In 2002, while serving as spokesman for California's outgoing Secretary of State's gubernatoral campaign, Ng was in the spotlight for another Internet campaign on behalf of his boss, Bill Jones. Despite the state's anti-spam law, the campaign sent out thousands of unsolicited e-mails urging California voters to vote for Jones in the upcoming primary. It was the third wave of what many considered spam by the campaign.

Ng defended the mailings, saying they weren't spam, but instead an "innovative way to use the Internet," reported Wired News.

Ng says his current innovative way of using the Internet won't stop until Chuck Norris is no longer affiliated with the view that evolution does not exist and the idea that AIDS patients should be isolated. Only then will he end his personal boycott and urge others to do the same.

Norris used his exclusive weekly WND column to announce his endorsement of Huckabee for president. No word yet if WND will be added to Ng's boycott list.

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