What If: The Spirit Of “Honesty” Descended On Washington?

by George Weir –

I suppose that we have all had our moments of (What If’s) and we are left wondering, would the outcome be of a positive nature, or would the outcome have been on the negative, but that is the nature of (what ifs).  Most of the time we have little to do with what ifs, they are usually seen in the past tense, but, every so often, we do see the what ifs come to fruition, such as the unexpected change in a situation that seems impossible, when this happens, we call it a miracle.

I’m sure that we have said at one time or another well what if, In other words, what if this marriage doesn’t work out or what if this job doesn’t last and I’m left looking for another.  Yes, we live with the (what ifs) because there is very few things set in stone but there are some, such as, we can rely on the Sun coming up in the East, and setting in the west, and we have learned that we can depend on death and taxes, these things we can take to the bank and deposit them as safe.

No matter which of the political persuasion we lean, we can always say, what if my candidate had won, I don’t believe we would be in this mess, things would have been different.   Or one might say, (what if) the government should have a conversion of honesty, what would happen?

I believe we could call it a miracle, but just “What If”….

Upon such a miracle what would the President do?

First he would call a press conference.  And it may go something like this…..

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, I have called you together because I have some things that I need to get cleared up, something same over me last night and I really believe it was a spirit of honesty, and I just what to make an adjustment in the way I have been running the country.

First, I have noticed that I have been using “ my administration” as if it was mine, when in fact it is the peoples administration.   Also it came to my attention that “I” is used to much, actually it’s not about me, I only work for the people, and it’s not my government it’s the peoples government.

And when it comes to the constitution, I have found a lot of things in it that I don’t agree with.  Actually the constitution was formed and ratified by a buntch of white guys, and that has always been a bother to me, knowing that some of these guys owned slaves, but, I know that I have to get past this, I just wanted to be honest about how I feel.

There is something else that I would like to clear up, my wife and I have been spending way too much of the peoples money on vacations and such.   I know our lavish life stile has cost the people a bundle, so my wife and I had a talk last night, and we have decided that we need to pay the people back, we can’t do it overnight, it’s to much money, but if you will allow us a little time  we will make it right with to people.

Also, I have a confession t to make, I have been playing way too much golf, I realize that I could have spent this time to better things, such as, Foreign affairs, economy, building bridges between the people, and listening to the people.

And I want to make an announcement, just as some as I can I’m signing of on the Canadian Pipeline.  I realize that there are groups of big money men that are fighting this, but hooey on them, we need to put people to work, and now.

Also there are those that plan on dumping big money into the democratic election, and some of these big spenders are planning on building me a very lavish Presidential Library, but really, there are more important things to spend the money on, such as the dumbest mistake in my administration, ACA, I’m sure that you have all heard of that,  socialized medicine, pure and simple.   Just a log cabin, with a few artifacts would be quite enough for me, really nothing fancy, I’m just a plain an simple guy, you all know that.

I also understand that Hillery Clinton wishes to meet with you guys in a few days, she also has some things on her mind and conscience that is keeping her awake nights, something to do with Bengiza I believe, but please her out, she  wants to come clean.

Now listen up you guys, in a few day Lois Lerner from the Internal Revenue wants to have a few words with you guys.   I’m not sure, but I think she has a few things to set strait about the IRS scandal.  lBut to be honest, she may break the lid on a lot of people, and I just may be one of them, but if I have done wrong, I’m ready to take my medicine, after all, that is the American Way, I think!

Now much has been said about my birth certificate, some says it is a forgery, well to be honest, I’m not sure either.    All I can say for sure, is that I wasn’t natural born, and I will regret fooling the American people, and if I have committed a crime, I’m ready to go to jail, that is the American way. I think!!

Now don’t be surprised when a lot more of the Washington crowd wants to have a press conference with you guys, I’m not sure just what is happening in this fair city, but it’s crazy, but it’s a good crazy, people are beginning to sleep better and are looking much happier, so what can we say, bring it on!

Of course what you have just read is pure fiction, but (What If It Were True), then we could expect the Sun to rise in the west, and set in east, and death and taxes would be abolished forever.

So I suppose that we are stuck with lying , cheating, and adultery, and robbery for at lest the present, but I am accustomed to seeing the sun in the east in the morning, and the sun set in the west.

But we and still say well  “What If”!!








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