Something is Amiss

My editor did nothing. On my radio there was a news flash, a plane had hit the north tower of the world trade center, the news said it was a commuter plane , then little while later it came a second plane had hit the south tower, it appeared that that this was no accident, I called my editor on my cell phone and as I was talking with him, another report came across the air, a explosion, had rocked the pentagon, the first report said it was a bomb, then the mind numbing news it was another plane and that there was still one in the air and that they were looking for it, all air traffic was grounded.k it was wise for me to continue on to DC, I told him I thought I should go he tried to talk me out of it to no avail.

As I continued on to DC the news kept me up to date as too what was happening, all kinds of things were going through my head, was this invasion from the south? Communist forces

Venezuela ,

Cuba ,

Russia and


I did not think the Russians were involved but it could be

Cuba and

Venezuela as Hugo Chavez is a pawn of Castro, Maybe

China as

China has control of the

Panama Canal

thanks to Jimmy Carter. Red China is our enemy no matter what the leftists tell you. Our whole southern border is wide open, I thought if they did do this.

Mexico would help them, if they promised that

Mexico could have the southwest as the Germans had promised


during World War 1 (Zimmerman Telegram)

Was the next attack going to be nuclear , the words of my editor were ringing in my ears “don’t go” maybe he was right, was DC even going to be there when I got there? As I neared the city I could see the plume of smoke, there was a lot of traffic heading out of the city, who could blame them.

I was one of the few headed into the city, as I got near the pentagon, I decided to pull over and take some pics (see Photos) A state trooper came along and told me to keep moving, so off I went toward DC.

One of the first places I went was to The White House. It was one of first times I could find a parking place near the White House in fact I was able to find a parking place almost anywhere in DC for the whole week. As I walked alongside the White House I could see what appeared to be military taking what looked like stinger missiles, from the white house to waiting vehicles that was odd I thought to myself why would they be taking them away?

I then went to


to get something to eat, it was great being able to park almost anywhere I wanted. I found a place open and the few people that were in there, were subdued not their usual pompous anal selves, they found out the moat (the

Potomac River

) did not protect them this time.

There was a eerie feeling, the last time I felt this was in SF after the earthquake in 1989 people then were afraid to come into SF and cross any bridges the same held true here in DC. People were scared.

I then saw the F16s fly over head I went to my car to listen to the radio to hear the latest news. The news said the f16s were scrambled from Langley which was 140 miles away from DC why didn’t they scramble fighters from Andrews which is only 5 minutes away odd I thought until I talked with couple of friends who worked at the pentagon who informed me that there were no fighters stationed at Andrews I could not believe what they had told me, No Fighters where Air force 1 is located and no fighters to protect the capitol.

As the reports kept coming in something kept bothering me but could not put my finger on it. The reports came in that a plane had crashed in a field in PA and that it was the plane that they could not find. I also listened how the plane that had crashed into the pentagon had departed from Dulles airport Flt 77

Many things were going through my head how did a plane like that get close to DC a prohibited area I have been a pilot for over 30 years and know first hand what happens when you try and penetrate a prohibited area, back when Nixon was president and his western white house was in San Clemente my self and another pilot were flying back from Mexico in two separate planes and he decided he was going to buzz Nixon’s place, I watched as two F 4 Phantoms escorted my friend to a near by Military base (El Toro) where he was arrested. He told me everything when I saw him. How when he landed he was surrounded by Military personnel with machine guns, and was interrogated for hours, need less to say he did not enter any prohibited areas after that. He said that he would never land at a military airport again even if his plane was on fire.

The reason I am pointing this out is how did a plane like Flt 77 get anywhere near the pentagon, the only planes that allowed near the pentagon are military or commercial planes on Final approach to Reagan Airport. Also why weren’t the pilots of the two F16s told why they were going to DC and what to look for and why were the ATC tapes destroyed.

I finally figured out what was bothering me all this time, how come when I took pictures of crash site, there was no evidence of an airplane and why was the crash site so narrow wing tip to wing tip on a 757 is approx 128 ft but the crash site was about 60 feet wide and if the plane had hit wings level where were the wings all the fuel is carried in the wings I can not believe that a 757 had hit the pentagon.

I went to the pentagon crash site when they were clearing the debris, and took up a conversation with some of the workers who were involved with removing the debris I asked them what parts of the plane had they found, they all looked at each other and all four almost in unison replied (NONE) are you sure I asked, well they did say they were told that landing gear was found in the middle of the pentagon, one of the workers replied, I wonder who they were, I then asked if one of them could take my camera inside to get close up pics for me Their reaction was one of horror O No we can not do that, why not I asked, they then told me how a general in uniform had come out of the pentagon in uniform and started to take some close up pics and he was grabbed by US marshals and cuffed and taken away they said if they can do that to a general you can imagine what they would do to us as only two of the 5 workers I was talking two could speak English but I do understand some Spanish.

In Conclusion I am convinced that flt 77 did not hit the pentagon, where is that plane? Your guess is as good as mine; I do not want to get into theory and who did it? That is the real question. You have to ask who had the most to gain from 911 and who has cruise missiles, and where are the Pictures of an airplane hitting the pentagon which is the most secure bldg in the world show me a picture or film and I will shut up, the only other cameras that were focused on the crash site were at the gas station on the pentagon grounds and a hotel in crystal city both tapes were confiscated by the FBI

The day is gone when we can blindly accept what our government or any government tells us, the past should tell us that:



John Clark

(Foot note) the pictures I took were stolen from my house after I had shown them on Local Fox news

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