Some Want To Be More Equal Than Others–A Failed Rally

… showed up in front of the Lincoln Memorial and


Monument. The entire demonstration was a failure. According to the left-wing propagandist mainstream news media, the best they could say about the demonstration is thatsome 400 groups came together in


D.C. Based on the photos of that demonstration, it looked as if maybe 25,000 people showed.

Just over a month ago real Americans came togetherand filled the space in front of the Lincoln Memorial for a demonstration. Fronted by conservative icons Glenn Beck and erstwhile Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, the "Restoring Honor" rally was massive. And when I say massive, I’m talking Rosie O’Donnell visiting the Twinkie factory massive.

The Democrat leadership quailed at the sight of at least ahalf-million spirited citizens standing up to be counted in opposition to the increasingly unhinged tyranny which President Barrack Obama vomits down upon us from on high. Even the most desperately thorazine-deficient mainstream media outlets couldn’t deny the taxpaying muscle on full display.

Instead, the state-controlled media used the old worn-out tactic of reading Democrat Party authored hate speech memos mocking the intelligence of the Tea Partiers, calling attendees racist, and in a couple of cases, manufacturing laughably fictional tales of diabolical doings on the part of those opposed to Democrat dominance.

To try and compete with the "Restoring Honor" rally, the Left decided to try and play with the varsity.“One Nation Working Together”—in reality the usual collaboration of thugs like the Service Employees International Union, racist hate groups like La Raza, and even the artists formerly known as the NAACP (more accurately acronymed the NAACK—National Association for the Advancement of Cop Killers), announced a plan to hold a “One Nation” rally on the same real estate occupied by their foes.

Wing-nuts nationwide polished their tinfoil hats and downloaded all the latest talking points so they could join in the hatefest. They were a NO-SHOW.

Whatever the reason, House Speaker

Nancy Pelosi’s minions are rushing headlong toward an electoral Little Big Horn. Compared to the Restoring Honor turnout, the 10/2 rally ironically-monikered “One Nation Working Together” rally was a Pop Warner consolation game played next door to the Super Bowl. It was amazing looking at all the groups "working" together. It's a safe bet to say that 80-90% of those groups involved non-working, deadbeat entitlement welfare slugs living off the teat of government–unhappily paid for by real Americans who showed at the Restoring Honor rally.

Among the lowest of low-life left wing orators who cracked One Nation’s big can of crazy: MSNBC 4th-stringer Ed Schultz. He shrieked at the top of his lungs about his indignance. He was sweating like a pig. He railed on like a whiney school girl like he’d just been informed that Martha Coakley had been whipped by Scott Brown again.

Granted, picking on poor Eddie is like swatting a fly with an AC-130 Spectre gunship. But no one could devise the sharpest blow Ed suffered as a result of his rage during the One Nation circus. Many of the left-wing apparatchik looked at him bewildered. They had no idea who he was. The 4th down-the-line in the creepshow known asMSNBC‘s starting rotation,Schultz guaranteed he could personally deliver a crowd as large as Restoring Honor.He was sadly mistaken. Worse, he was ignored for the most part as a ranting idiot.

The Democratsand their ilk looked half-hearted and undermanned.The labor union schutzstaffel ("SS")SEIU was supposed to bring busloads of purple-shirted storm troopers to cheer their fuehrersforward. And while the goons did leave a carpeting of familiar purple signs and more litter than a second-rate carnival, their numbers were as underwhelming as a speed-dating session at which all the bachelorettes are Janet Napolitano doppelgangers.

For such sensitive folk, they certainly did their part to justify the wages of the park cleanup crews. Perhaps the SEIU thought resurfacing the Mall in purple Astroturf would be good for recruiting. Or maybe they didn’t think there would be enough senior citizens on whom they could pound.

The Reverend Al Sharpton was there, along with fellow professional huckster Rev. Jesse Jackson. Evidently, neither of their regular congregations was able to muster any sizeable march. TV cameras showed maybe several hundred marchers with Sharpton and Jackson. Thispaled in comparison of what the left-wing media said would be Millions. LOL! Also in attendance were some of the folks Democrats would rather had stayed home, like the Communist Party USA.

Schultz and the other left-wing media propagandists said that the One Nation freak show was equal in size to the Restoring Honor rally.Pictures of the two rallies shown side-by-side reveal a discrepancy larger than the population of a medium-sized city, or medium-security Federal penitentiary (not that a One Nation attendee would know anything about that).

But the best comment of the day honors have to go to our pal Al (Sharpton):

“This is what

America looks like.”

Sure Sharpton! It was self evident that your alleged 'America' there were all either: communists, racists, thugs, union filth and weird wing-nut media “entertainers?”

This looked more like the escapees from the nut-house.

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