Socialist Dreams and Fiscal Reality

Democrats are promising a Socialist Utopia and plan to siphon off even more dollars from your paycheck to pay for it. Never mind that the country is all but bankrupt, they’ll just slap a tax hike onto corporations until these companies high tail it out of here and head overseas or they’ll borrow even more money from the Chinese. A responsible Senate, one that cares about the citizens, like they’re endlessly telling us that they do, would re-negotiate social contracts and reform entitlement programs; not create more of them.

The sole reason why health care costs started to climb back in the 1960’s was due directly to intervention by President Johnson and a Democrat majority in the Senate. They meddled with free market economics and artificially raised demand with the inception of the poorly constructed, first phase of Medicare and outstripped supply. When the government is footing the bill, demand for health care soon escalates beyond supply.

The fiscally responsible role of the government in health care is the provision of a consumer-driven, free market. Consumers prefer controlling the cost of their care and this can be achieved through the advancement of health care savings accounts for day-to-day medical costs, as well as the withdrawal of mandates for individual insurance policies. The end goal is to establish health insurance as true indemnity insurance not health maintenance, by addressing tort reform.

Government intervention has resulted in forced regulation on health care providers (the suppliers) while permitting health insurance companies to hike rates and reduce services. The government is ultimately responsible for the high cost of health care along with their buddies, the trial lawyers and we’re supposed to trust the government with a complete takeover of the system? Not on your life and seriously, I mean your life. Your health care options will dry up along with the quality of care.

Health care in the United States is unparalleled in the world. Socialist health insurance systems like the mess over in England does not possess the availability of medical technology that we have come to expect; even the cleanliness of their hospitals is sub par. So, health care itself is not the problem; that is, until the Socialists get their hands on it.

It should interest you that not a single health insurance CEO is wringing their hands over the threat of a government takeover. Why? The money will continue to flow unimpeded by regulation into their coffers just as it is now; while the health care providers will be slapped with even more practice-closing regulations. Obama and Hillary have both already promised stiffer regulations on health care providers, when they should be taking aim at the health care insurance companies, but that doesn’t fit into their Socialist model of government which forbids free market solutions.

Free market solutions to rising health care costs are the only viable solution. McCain has laid out a market-based health care reform plan that addresses the problem of the uninsured while promoting a secure economic future for health care in our nation. Resolving the crisis demands that the source of higher costs i.e. the government and the insurance companies undergo reform, as well as be subject to the free market. Instead, voters are being lied to and led down a primrose path. They will be burdened with increased governmental intervention in their lives, higher taxes and they’ll be ripped off in the end with lower quality health care.

Next time you’re at the doctor’s office, ask him or her about the toll government regulation has taken on their ability to properly care for their patients. The government continues to pay out less for Medicare and yet doctors are expected to stay current with medical technology and procedural advances that, thanks to the trial lawyers, are more expensive with each passing fiscal quarter. It’s an equation for disaster.

By the way, I’ve got a little news flash for the Socialists, the cost of health care is not the only problem out there. We’ve got a nation full of horrendously, outdated infrastructure. The issue was addressed for about a week after the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, but then completely disappeared from the headlines. That’s not the only outdated infrastructure in our nation. The entire electrical grid is grievously overdue for a complete overhaul. Instead of addressing the precarious condition of the power grid, they’ll go crazy throwing money, your money, at Al Gore’s shaky global warming scheme.

Are we adults here, ready to confront the real problems in our nation, or are we like a bunch of Beatles fans screaming and fainting at the sight of a double-talking, promise-hawking politician? It’s bad enough that uninformed Americans are throwing their liberties away in exchange for a lousy health care system. Have we really thought this through? Do we really want to grant this much intervention into our lives by a government that none of us really trusts? By the way, does it make sense to you that we’re borrowing money from China to pay for health care entitlements for illegal aliens? Step away from the Socialist spin, shake it off and get a hold of yourself, now, before the perfect storm of spiraling costs completely derails our economy.

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