Social Insecurity

Today I received a letter from the Social Security Administration. It seems I do not qualify for disability benefits because I do not have enough of their credits. In other words I have not worked enough! Funny I have been Mr. Mom for going on 13 years now. My first wife died in Egypt a while back, and they get Death benefits for her. Even though she was a drug using, gambling addicted chain smoker who would steal money from her mother to get things she wanted while her kids did without. Yet I am denied, even though for 45 years now I have been a United States Citizen, I have an honorable discharge from the United States Coast Guard, and I have a Social Security Number. Yet because I do not have enough of their credits I am not eligible? They sure took what money they said I owed out of income I made when I was working. I was not given a choice in this it was taken without my consent. 13 years ago I became disabled, and was no longer able to work. I filed in 1994, and it took until 2004 for them to finally deny me and say my illnesses were not qualifying. Now I have been diagnosed with ones that do qualify me, and they say I do not have enough credits? I guess the money I did pay into SSI is just forfeit. I have been unable to hold any kind of job for almost 13 years. I have done what I can to raise my kids even when it seemed impossible. Once again my Government, my good uncle Sam has seen fit to Screw me with his BS rules. I have finally reached the point where i can honestly say I am ashamed to be an American!

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