Snopes’ Credibility Damaged . . . Says NAU is ‘False’

A warning . . . apparently you CANNOT rely on Snopes. They may be part of the media that is working to suppress the truth or spreading disinformation. Below you will find refutations of the Snopes' contention that the NAU is 'false'.

Snopes apparently never fact-checked and simply 'parroted' the propaganda and lies taken from government websites or spewed forth by government staff. The Department of Commerce is in charge of executing the SPP-NAU Presidential orders for the entire Executive Branch in conjunction with the State Department and, of course, the Department of Homeland Security.

You will learn that there is a Canadian government document which PROVES Bush, Fox and Martin actually signed an agreement, which is contrary to the government's ( claim that the trilateral 'summits' consist merely of 'dialog' and discussion'.

The participants claim that nothing of substance is being done during those meetings and that those who say there IS, are nothing but 'conspiracists'. Harper, after the 2007 trilateral meeting in Montelbello, Quebec, Canada, insulted We the People's intelligence by saying it consisted of such very boring things as discussing "the color of jelly beans".

You should know that the SPP-NAU agreement is, by definition, a TREATY. According to Webster's, a treaty is "a formal agreement between two or more nations, relating to peace, alliance, trade, etc." You will learn that the SPP is a SIGNED agreement that has NOT come before the Senate for the 2/3rds 'yea' vote REQUIRED by our Constitution in order for it to proceed! The SPP is being implemented by EVERY department in the Executive Branch, in secret and without Congressional oversight as detailed in this article in: Treason Abounds ~ Gov't Cabal Plots North American Union

Since you cannot copy and paste from a Snopes' webpage (deliberate perhaps??) you will have to go to Snopes' NAU page found here to see the Snopes' comments listed below, which will be proven false.

The FIRST incorrect comment by Snopes is found in the beginning paragraph under 'Origins' where they say that Bush, Fox and Martin "met in Texas to discuss plans for increased cooperation . . . a dialog to increase security and enhance prosperity among the three countries."

Here's the refutation of both Snopes and the propaganda website.

The website has tried to counter We the People's opposition to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) by publishing a rebuttal titled: Myths vs. Facts: Scroll down and note that first item on the list claims the following two things:

Myth: The SPP was an agreement signed by Presidents Bush and his Mexican and Canadian counterparts in Waco, TX, on March 23, 2005.

Fact: The SPP is a dialogue to increase security and enhance prosperity among the three countries. The SPP is NOT an agreement nor is it a treaty. In fact, no agreement was EVER signed.

Their 'fact' does not hold up under scrutiny. It is basically a BALD-FACED LIE! It is propaganda in its boldest form. How do I know? Because, on a Canadian government website, there is a statement made and signed by former Prime Minister Martin which declares that "on March 23, President Bush, President Fox and I SIGNED the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America that establishes the way forward on our continental agenda for security, prosperity and quality of life."

The above quote can be found on page 2 of 5. It is the last sentence in the sub-section titled Canada in North America in this document signed by PM Paul Martin:

Here is SECOND refutation concerning the Amero, which BTW was proposed as far back in 1999 by the Fraser Institute in Canada which is discussed openly in this CNBC financial news video.

Here's a THIRD refutation by Canadian government official who confirms the NAFTA Superhighway (which is in fact the NASCO SuperCorridor). In this damning video of the 'Manitoba Throne Speech', given by a Canadian government official in November, 2007, juxtaposes both Harper and Bush's statements made after the August, 2007 Montebello, Quebec, Canada tri-lateral 'summit' to reveal their lies, obfuscations, and deceitful cover-ups.

Note: When watching Manatoba video, remember that when governments work in concert with corporations and the military-industrial complex without the input, consent or knowledge of the Congress, or We the People, that is FASCISM!

Snopes did get it right when it said: "there is currently no official governmental plan underway to make all that happen". That's because it is being done ILLEGALLY, in secret, and unilaterally through executive orders by the president who has tasked the ALL the departments of the executive branch to stealthily and surreptitiously move forward with the SPP-NAU.

Treason Abounds . . .

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