by Barry Weinstein –

Are you Two dimensional – Liberals – or Three dimensional – Conservatives – ? I will get to it shortly!

It seems to me, which “seeming” is based upon my observations that the human mind operates and functions in three dimensions. Two of the dimensions are here and now. The third dimension is the future.

There is the associated sense of sooner or later, which is related to here and now, I believe. The past is used as a resource for all three dimensions. I will elaborate on this relationship below, as it is a bit more complex than presented right here.

The emotions add a significant, and the only, influence to those of nature’s creatures that are limited to two dimensions. That is to say for them the “here and now” dimensions are effected only, as I see it. You can determine this for yourself, perhaps. Check out the insects and animals of the earth and how they operate.

Nature evidently finds it easier to evolve two operational, dimensional states of awareness ability, than it does three. On the other hand, it maybe a flaw or intentional flaw in the “Intelligent Designs” as there are other examples of that. I will leave this here and for you to decide.

Generally, when circumstance calls for the analysis and description of the non-human inhabitants of earth, they are oft referred to as smart for their notable abilities. However, they are never to my knowledge thought of or recognized as being intelligent.

Let’s take as an example: Ants. When talked about, generally they are considered smart. Recently, ants and their colonies were on a National Geographic investigative program. And as most everyone knows ants build tunnels that are extended into complex “city” type colonies. So do humans. In order to accomplish this, ants must communicate. They work together on the construction projects. They forage for specific vegetation and then, some, raise their own food in fungus farms. They procreate and care for their young. They are located almost everywhere on earth, just as humans are. Ants do apparently carry out their assigned tasks. Only when something certain and immediate disturbs their normative “composure”, like for instance, a person sticking their finger in the midst of their “territory”, only then do they stop what they are involved in and attack in unison. Ants are two dimensional; they always function in the here and now. There being no exception of ants being reactive to immediate danger. Ants are widely considered, by humans, to be “smart”.

I will leave this here and now at this juncture. I believe that you get the drift.

Now, is there a significant difference between one person being smart and another being intelligent? There is! I am certain of it. Now that I have untangled some of the differences for myself, my perception of the world around me has changed somewhat.

Recent event 1: No person, to reiterate, no one wants to wade through horridly polluted water, chest deep or worse, as they did in New Orleans after the Katrina hurricane, on August 29, 2005. New Orleans is located below sea level and was allegedly “protected” by levees or dikes. It was flooded during and after it was hit by the level 4-5 hurricane, called Katrina. No one wants to die under such circumstances. No one wants to await rescue by chopper from their roofs, due to the flood, as they did there in New Orleans, and much, much more travail there was, as you know. Why I wondered? Why was the Federal money meant to be used to improve the levees, which were only capable of withstanding a category 3 hurricane, used to build a fountain for the “Mardi Gras” festival in New Orleans by its local populations popularly elected politicians, according to reports? The answer will follow.

Recent event 2: No person, to reiterate, no one wants to have their own, their loved ones, friends or neighbors home burnt to the ground by massive fires nor to be forced to flee from raging fire for their very lives. Yet, that is exactly what took place in Southern California. On information and belief, the 2007 California wildfires destroyed 1,500 homes and over 500,000 acres of land. Nine people died as a direct result of the fire; 85 others were injured, including at least 61 fire fighters. More than three quarters of a million Americans had been evacuated from the area and their homes. They were sleeping in makeshift locations. The fires were being fueled by the Santa Ana winds and the, very dry conditions, of the uncut “protected” sage brush or “dune grass” habitats of and for the “Kangaroo Rat” which surrounds the homes. Why were the lives and habitats of those people in these California cities allowed to be put in harm’s way in order to protect the habitat of a rodent, by its local populations popularly elected politicians?

Recent event 3: No person, to reiterate, no one wants to have a bridge they, their loved ones, friends or neighbors are driving on, to have the bridge collapse under them; thus, plunging them to their drowning deaths into a river or to be killed by being covered by crushing debris. Yet, that is exactly what happened when the bridge collapsed in Minneapolis Minnesota. Why were the lives and property of those people in this city allowed to be put in harm’s way by its local populations popularly elected politicians?

I conclude by these examples and there are many more as there have been many, many fires associated with this type of conduct clearly caused by the popularly elected officials and their common inabilities, which they exhibit.

These examples are evidence of a limited two dimensional perception of the world.

Well, as I see it, there is a distinct commonality taking place here in these three and other tragic events across America.

Notably, all of these horrific events which are or have taken place are or were under the control of those whom I am denominating as the “smart people”. That is to say they are part of the self proclaimed, politically, Democrat controlled areas of the United States. That is to say, they all have been under the complete domination of the liberal/progressive Democrat policy and constituency.

It is my position that a very, very significant majority of the American population that hold themselves out to be, liberal, progressive Democrat party supporters are in fact perceiving the world in the limited two dimensional “here and now” existence. They cannot help it. They operate from the right brain hemisphere. That is the emotional and self esteem and creative side. The right brain hemisphere controls critical thinking and I suspect the ability to predict. Scientific studies should be undertaken, in order to comprehend this manifestation.

Yet, the common and general descriptions for smart people of course apply, including educated, and well informed on a variety of issues. To this list I will add clever, urbane, polished, refined, sophisticated, cultured, stylish, trendy and sensitive, they also overtly exhibit empathy. They are called nuanced by some in the media and press. I note that they usually speak and communicate well. These are attributes of those called or thought of as being smart people.

This is my take on being stuck in a two dimensional — smart — world. It seems to explain much of the left/liberals conduct and opinions for me as well.

Such an existence is driven be immediate sensuality. These people are predominantly Sensualists. Everything they do is — compelled — by the need to ameliorate the influence of the current and pervasive emotional quotient.
When bored or happy they need a horror movie or alternatively a love story. They suffer from chronic empathy syndrome, as I have written elsewhere. Their lives are like a see saw. Happy then sad, which needs constant adjustment. It is sort of similar to the cleaning of the antennae that is observable in the insect world; all of which is necessary so that the incoming sensualities — or chemical communications as the case may be –, good or bad, are not interfered with. But that’s it; there is no other perception of a predictable future. The world always falls upon them unexpectedly; see the world trade center 9/11/01, even after the first attack by related Muslim/Islam terrorists in 1993. They have no ability to see it coming, period.

For the two dimensional, left/liberal population there can be no change in the here and now allowed. There is no foreseeable future that can be allowed to interfere with the ongoing existence of the balancing of pleasure and displeasure. For that matter they are convinced that nothing ever will. They firmly believe that all other human beings are constructed the same way, as they are. Therefore, one only needs to be “nice” to all the worlds terrorists and the overwhelming and illegal foreign invaders into America and all will be well, for them. Their own current style of existence will continue unabated. That’s all that is important.

To that end as well, they conduct themselves more akin to the Party of Locust than that of a human political party. They produce the least and consume the most. There consumption ever demands more of their neighbor’s resources, as if they are owed them. More accurately they conduct themselves just as a plague of Locust typically does in the long run. Their “leaders” encourage them to consume everything until there is no more and then they die; all due to a lack of foresight and predictability.

Hereafter I will refer to the smart people constituting the left/liberal political party as the “Locust” party.

Again, “Smart” reacts or responds “Intelligent” prevents. They are not the same. Which is better, Prey or Predator? We, in the USA are we now the prey? In the smart people’s hands we will be.

Take for this instance the smart, trusting, naïve former, “Prime Minister of England, A. Neville Chamberlain” — remind of you anyone in power now? Chamberlain is for this analysis a clear example of the singular meaning of the word describing “Smart”. In contradistinction at the same time, Winston L. S. Churchill is capable of wearing the term “Smart” as also including intelligent or visa- versa. That I believe constitutes genius.

Go and see the human cost results of the conduct of being smart — but not being intelligent — as Prime Minister Chamberlain was when he failed to be able to see the self evident future, which was WW II. I notice that when a smart person or population get themselves and their Country into big trouble, it is the intelligent person they turn to in order to be saved.

This two dimensional shortfall primarily found in the liberal, left, democrat, progressive groupings of people today, “Must” become recognized by the “Intelligent” three dimension capable people in order to prevent future and much greater tragedies across America.

It is why the left/liberal population is drawn and committed to a secular society, they need not address a future based upon their own acts, which the Bible and God are representative of.

The homosexual community and the San Francisco values are clear examples of the two dimensional — here and now — existence of a careless sensualist American population.

Their persistent hate filled reaction to President George Bush for the War in Iraq, is consistent with the disruption of an ant colony by a foreign matter. The war is inescapable for their emotional tunnel, it is like a pebble in their collective shoe and as if their antennae just can’t be cleaned off. It does not make them feel in control of their emotions. It is a direct confrontation of some alternating future striking into the limited here and now, which is all that they can perceive, as best as I can determine. While President Bush does not have the, — smart — peoples desired articulating attributes that the liberal/left deride him about, he is intelligent and has the capacity of foresight. Formerly, President Bush would be referred to as the strong silent type. But this does not explain his position on the issue of illegal immigration or the NAU (North American Union). These matters must therefore be considered intentional, which is an entirely different issue than being incapable. I will not address that here and now.

Intelligent, three dimensional, people are foresight proactive driven. What I am observing is that intelligent humans operate in the “here and now and are very influenced by the potential future which takes into serious consideration the past”. They are seemingly therefore capable of predicting potential outcomes on issues affecting the future and so prevent them where needed. It is never perfect but it is far better then being merely smart.

I recall the endless uproar about the “slow emergency” response time of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). However, they did nothing in advance in order to prevent the deaths and destruction of New Orleans.

They, “smarties” as I “affectionately” refer of them, are most often geographically located and concentrated in large cities such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and the rest of them “thar” densely populated places in USA, as well as Europe.

Notably, I am not the first to notice this two dimensional existence of the — smart — individual. Just look at the news on the “main stream media and press”. There is nothing in it; I estimate nothing in 95% of the reporting that is of any future use. It is meant to manipulate the two dimensional – smart – individual. For example there is a fire burning story and then a kitten rescue story and on and on. This type of media, press and “leader” emotional manipulation, I am now calling “emo-nipulation”. The two dimensional smart people are being had, by the emo-manipulators! One thing that the general media and press do attack is the future when it infringes on the present.

The stars [and “Emo-Nipulators”] of the smart category are in part: Hillary Clinton, Barak Hussein Obama, John Edwards, John Kerry, John Stuart, Al Gore, Dan Rather, Oprah Winfrey, Jimmy Carter, Chris Matthews, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, George Cloony, those talking heads at CNN [with 2 exceptions], NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, The New York Times and on and on. I suspect that you now get the drift here.

I will conclude here with the following.

Take heed! Two dimensional and three dimensional people use the same language and words. That notwithstanding they speak about two completely different realities. Thus, the great communications divide existing now in America, between the left and the right.

[This is to be an ongoing column as the observations and analysis provide.] [Republished to Correct Web Transfer Issue]

National Writers Syndicate .come © January 2008

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