Sleeping on our feet

This is a rock bandfrom Dublin Irelandthat spends a lot of time in America. The name of the band is “STAND” and they speak out in all they do. They almost can’t help themselves from creating out of what they see. This is an old video they sent me from an earlier incarnation of thier work in 2004, back when they played a release party at Crash Mansion ( the day after Norah Jones opened the place ) I was there, have my own footage of the events.

For me, it speaks volumes about what the New York City filmmakers did from what they understoodof the view from the band STAND.

Are we all in this massive consumptivepush to do the next thing to get or own the next item like a driven horde in some architected persuit of whetever follows?

Do you wonder how it feels to be good withall you’ve got?

I work in arealm where it ismy job to make other people look great, and in that endeavor it would seem nothing can happen fast enough regardless of the underlying complexity. Usually those that want the most have the least understanding of it, but that is where i come in andcreate what you see, and make sure the players in the game get credit for how cool they really are. Too often things are missed that should be seen and heard and read, my work is never done in keeping up with it. I never get enough sleep so i must be paying for it somehow.

We are in a Hurry-up and Gimme world now.

“When are you finally gonna finish? – cant you just… – are you done yet?, can “We” move things along faster?”

Its always some level of push, where talk is louder than action, and the effort to achieve is required at such a high energy level that all elsethat is not in the immediate goal becomes ignored. Sleeping on our feet is something of a paradigm for that, for when you lose awareness of what surrounds you, thenyou could just as well be asleep and get as much out it. Life is full, to live it you must be at least aware of the moment and your surroundings in the largest possible context.

STAND is a brilliant Band and well worth following. I had to write this opinion piece to test the CMS editing functionality with embedded media for authors and Publishers at NWS , but when that was all typed in and clicked and ready, i found myself wanting to preserve this song, this video and this message from the guys in this band. I doubtyou could find this piece anywhere else on the web.Too often great work is put in the past and trampled on by the requirements of the next persuit.

It makes you think a bit, or think at least in a more complete fashion. I like that. This is a band that evolves and grows. They are even better live – go see them.

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