Slavery: Obama’s Narcissism Divides America – …

… lead to a very dangerous civil unrest … especially when the lover of his own self happens to be the president of the United States.

A narcissus president proud to be known as a century-far removed descendant of black slaves, and a walk-by-night Media, could bring turmoil to the nation and move its course towards a precipitous path, possibly an internal shooting war that would redo our social values and re-make our political landscape according to Obama’s promise of a complete change for America!

It is no secret to all Americans that today’s walk-by-night Media had decided since the last November 2008 presidential election to cast its fortune on Obama’s presidency.

To the most enterprising Media harlot since Rupert Murdoch’s mega-media ownership atomized under the pressure of financial crisis, Obama is an easy-to-sell commodity worth the risk of thrusting an obscene middle finger out to insult the intelligence of the American public for a price.

This anathema rises from an unusual persona: Obama just adores his black African race as much as Narcissus loves his image in the pool. Media hookers are apt to grab the opportunity to capitalize on this kind of narcissism … that uncontrollable fascination of himself as the only and first black American dream catcher in the world to become president of the richest and most powerful nation on the planet.

To see to it that the uninitiated gets this editorial run right on the button, let me interpret narcissism simply to mean nothing else but self-adulation. It originated from Narcissus who in Greek mythology, died of loving himself forever as a punishment for his haughtiness and arrogance. The gods made him fall in love with his own reflection in the pool until he died of loneliness … of being with nobody else but his reflection … until he expired of unbearable longing for himself. After his death the gods turned him into a flower by the pool to relieve his soul of his own self-imposed spiritual burden.

This legend rivals the tall tale of slavery, a legacy of Obama’s and his wife’s forebears, one of the grandest stories ever told in recent times. In this reel story [televised], like president Obama, his wife Michelle Obama, also prides herself as a descendant though remote, of a generational line of black slaves. The blood of African slaves runs in my veins, Obama was proud to declare to the world during his televised July 11, 2009 first journey as president, to the African continent.

Michelle, now First Lady, competes with Obama’s fortune of having been pictured by the media they brought with them to Africa as part of their presidential entourage, as a living epitome of success … a personification of a racial triumph over prejudice and bigotry, an embodiment of character and temperament, determination and courage that represents the resiliency of the enslaved black people to survive the untold inhuman abuses and maltreatment they suffered from their cruel slave masters that the whole world loathed and cursed.

Thus it doesn’t surprise me at all why the opportunist Media is currently gambling this Obama card on slavery. It is obvious that the Media is playing a dangerous game just to feather its own nest … wagering for thirty pieces of sliver before doing what Judas was ill-fated to do – out of remorse, to hang by the neck in a nearby tree until dead. I dread the possibility that this might come to pass sooner than later. In this case, there will be no time for remorse.

Is Obama president of all Americans, or is he president only of blacks and non-whites who elected him to office? The answer is like a time bomb that could nuclear-blast us all to kingdom come! When this happens, a Judas remorse is a non-issue or simply becomes academic.

For, indeed, there is no doubt that for a fat price, CNN dubbed Obama’s journey to Africa as a resounding success, image-promotion-wise. But think about it … the TV episode that attracted multimillion-dollar advertisements was actually an exclusive scoop to promote racial divisiveness and incite hatred of America … an exclusive televised CNN editorial not only of battering but also of demonizing America for its historical guilt – the evil practice of that abominable American slavery!

In this CNN expose’, Obama and Michelle expressed their black sentiments against the merchants of human beings as a commodity of trade and commerce … the anti-World Order denizens of the dark called it the “evil America” that traded on human flesh and blood. In the deep past, Barack and Michelle traced the tragic and painful experience of their roots in Africa with even a deeper feeling of disgrace and revulsion … how their ancestors were hunted down like animals and captured in the jungles of Africa, beaten and intentionally starved in a dark and filthy dungeon, to select the fittest that survived then sold like chattels for a better price, and later on loaded in a boat to America where they ended up in the South’s burgeoning slave markets, where they were again sold and bought even for a higher price and a bigger profit.

I think the idea of this television run on Obama’s obsessive love of his race is to awaken the black community to their great potentials while at the same time casting aspersion on the Caucasian white and non-black population of America as to how they mistreated blacks based on this historical background of slavery, which obviously to Obama his heroic bloodline all over America must resist and overcome.

It is not such a bad idea if this initiative inspires a struggle for self-improvement of life out of the ghetto, but it is a very dangerous proposition if it incites a racial outrage for a change that would drench the streets with blood. It would be so dumb foolish to forget the lesson of the Great American Civil War: The civil conflagration was ignited by racial outrage to free the blacks from their human bondage, prompting the Blue Coats of the Union from the North to drive South and overrun the Confederates for the abolition of slavery.

This political indiscretion of those who fueled the escalation of racial hate that led to Civil War cost the nation more than half a million able-bodied young Americans dead in the battlefield, millions of suffering casualties — widowed women and fatherless children and orphans — untold destructions of family homes, private and public properties, economic dislocation, financial losses and the devastation of socio-economic infrastructure the total value of which is beyond monetary estimation. This created a generational trauma more tragic than a hundred-fold 911s occurring in our lives because the enemy that killed us and the enemy we killed were fellow-Americans, probably even the soldiers’ brothers, fathers and sons who moved to the North or South before the Civil War broke out!

Let’s remind CNN’s researchers and television scriptwriters in Obama’s featured journey to Africa that the first slave traders were not the whites in the South that used slaves to work in the cotton plantation. The slave market did not originate in America. It started in the remote villages of Africa. Black Africans slave hunters themselves hunted down hiding healthy and physically fit fellow-Africans, killed them when they resisted being captured and sold to Europeans. Slavery was black Africa’s first ever known profitable trading industry with the outside world.

Focusing solely on Obama and Michelle as the world’s most successful American Dream catchers, CNN did not provide the American public with the most telling scenario on American slavery for fear of diminishing the value of their commercialized television footage. This demonstrates the Media’s fly-by-night portrayal of a highly paid promotional image-building project for Obama, their multimillion-dollar marketable client.

CNN seemed to have forgotten if it did not intentionally skip the historical fact about “The Washington Legacy” that most knowledgeable Americans kept close to their heart when remembering America’s sad history on slavery.

“The Father of His Country” General George Washington, first president of the United States, was a slave master. “He owned 36 slaves when he married the widower Martha Custis who had inherited nearly 100 slaves from the estate of Daniel Parke Custis.”[1] He brought with him some of his slaves when he moved from his residential estate and occupied the White House.

CNN’s intentional omission of this piece of history in television’s editorial script appears to have a clandestine purpose. The scheming Media is aware that after viewing Obama’s televised African journey Americans would discover by themselves that honest George, the famous and most adored American hero of the Revolution, had never told a lie but he sure lived a lie. The impact of discovering that “The Father” of America lived a doubled standard when it declared to the world that America had abolished slavery is so devastatingly profound.

The hatred it created against America is beyond description. Obama’s stand against slavery is authentically vindicated. It is now blacks against America that enslaved them. That the sin of slavery was committed by America, a country that he now leads as president, is his own condemnation of a nation that put a chain to the ankles of his ancestors.

Naturally Obama didn’t have to say a single harsh word against the shame of America in front of the TV camera. CNN’s promotion specialists, specifically the studio’s programming experts in reverse psychology would do it for him by using a strategy of calculated omission, a board plan in programming that achieved the same purpose. The damning implication is, blacks shouldn’t trust America … the message portrayed in the tube that didn’t use a single word.

Looking back in time, once again racial re-alignment divides America, thanks to Obama’s narcissism on slavery. So once more, see you in the battlefield. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS August 03, 2009.

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