Since there are those members of Congress in the House and Senate, mostly blue States though, that have been opposed to ‘any’ exploration, drilling, extraction, or distribution in order to secure an independent oil supply for America, you all know who you are and of whom I speak and so, the public servantshave now brought their ‘greeny’ ‘crackpot’ ideas and intentions to fruition. While China nowside drills into America’s oil fields, just 40 miles or so off the Key West, Florida shores.

Today I am coining a new noun to describe these politicians, that new word is ‘politi-dite’ as in hermaphrodite. It means a politician that wants everything both ways. In this case they want no new American oil and low gas and oil prices.

As the average American is now compelled -at the gas pumps- to bail the left out of their intentionally dug hole of half-baked politics, I believe that they should receive the other half of the bake.

In Anwar


it is estimated that it would be producing 1.2 Million barrels of oil a day when tapped. That could have been today. There are other estimates for other sources, but one must begin somewhere. Others can figure out the rest of the blocked barrels, later.

President Bush should issue an Executive Order directing that those Politicians from those States that have a long-standing opposition to America being self sufficient in oil, have the entire1.2 million barrels a daybe withheld andredistributed to the willing States. This can be done by withholding Federal Money from those States who’s Congressional Reps. or Senators stopped the progress. Then that money could be brought to bear on the price of

gas-at-the-pump in the rest of the agreeable States.

This resolves the short term gas problem for all those that did not cause it!

To the ‘crackpot’ States ‘caveat emptor’ and be careful what you wish for.So, they don’t like us or me! So?

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