Sent To WH&President Trump: Absolutely No! To Random Mail Voting Ballots & How & Why.

by Barry Weinstein –

Greetings! Dear Mr. President Trump, I am Very Concerned about the Anti-America Democrats corruption. They (Democrats) are vociferously demanding generally, uncontrolled mail in ballots for VOTING in order to implement Fraud into the Upcoming Election for President of the USA.

(1 of  2) – Sir, I suggest, that it is time to demand that the proponents of this Attempted Election Fraud (uncontrolled mail in ballots) be compelled to provide Clear, Convincing and Beyond a Reasonable Doubt EVIDENCE / PROOF that there will be ‘NO FRAUD’, should this corruption of the election be implemented. Since there is ample proof of fraud, it is ‘Their’ (Pelosi / Schumer et. al.) turn to provide the American voters that there is evidence that there is NO Fraud at all. Ergo, this solution is self-evident.

You Sir, Have stated numerous times and have given many, self evident, examples of the Fraud and disarray of the Democrat corrupt ‘shotgun’ style general mailing of election ballots, too dogs, cats and as ‘We The People’ that voted for you know, All of the dead that have voted are democrats. Just because a Democrat says so, does not make it so. Notably, none of their promoted policies ever works.

The numerous examples that you have stated is Clear, Convincing and Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Evidence of the fraud and destructive outcomes of this corrupt intentioned ploy.

(2 of  2) – It is scientific methodology, in that of One too One leads to a specific outcome.

One medical person administers one Flu-Shot to one person at a time; one morphine shot at one time; one driver in control of an Airplane or Jet Fighter or Car or Truck.

Notably neither Flu-Shots nor Morphine Shots are sent helter-skelter by mail to everyone whether they want or need it or not. Why? It just ain’t scientific!

Similarly Sir, There is science behind a person registering to vote personally, (preferably with proof of their identification) and then appearing, proving they are the voter, there to fulfill that intent.

There is NO scientific support for relying on shot-gunning millions of Ballots meant for a reliable election result.

The Democrat Party are Science deniers & Flat Earthers. <end>

Editorial Staff: by Katherine Eltringham – PhD.

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