By Ryan Hill

…. September 6, 2007 – To paint a picture or to take a picture; that is the question. Many adorn their walls with the black and white photographs of people and places, while others prefer the more abstract images produced by brush and canvas. Those who line their walls with both, however, will be more than interested in the exhibit slated to open at Splashlight's North Hall Gallery on Friday night featuring the works of two emerging artists, both of which yearn to unite the senses through their entirely different styles of art.

Portrait of Innocence by Veronica Chojancki-Silva

In the far corner, representing photography, sits Veronica Chojnacki-Silva, a Polish import who is ironically–if you haven't seen her work–the product of a sculptor and a painter. Those who have seen her photographs, some of which boast music luminaries like Beck, Iggy Pop and Anthony Kiedis as their subjects, likely can understand how this woman learned the finer points of perspective, color and stature from her folks and then taught them to her camera. Her lone goal of making "whatever she sees in her mind" has already won her awards in graphic design, though it's her self-motivation as a creator of, and that keeps her on the fast track in the fashion and photo industries.

In a Black Dress by Veronica Chojnacki-Silva

Veronica says that "Splashlight has an amazing reputation, [and to be] showing there is a great experience," echoing the thoughts of the chosen artists who have had the privilege of showcasing their works in the past five years. NYC Marketing Director Kristopher Kowal explains that Splashlight started as a way to "celebrate all of the visual arts" and that the schedule is planned so that photography, sculpture and painting all get their dues within the sun-soaked confines of North Hall Gallery, part of Splashlight's 23,000 square feet of property in the Hell's Kitchen that doesn't involve a specifically foul-mouthed British cook.

Experiment Unleashed by Matt Deifer

Splashlight enjoys shining their light on the up-and-coming, and it would be hard to find anyone more up and/or coming than the man in the near corner, representing the painting world, Pennsylvania native Matt Deifer. A Philadelphia resident, Matt is one of the young kings of his multi-media generation; his original style of art has been featured in magazines, newspaper articles, album covers, and concert posters. Having already helped to establish center-of-attention galleries in Ithaca, NY and Bethlehem, PA, Matt is also a founding member of Indaglo, SkyeTop Festival Grounds,, and An avid believer of the connection between sound and vision, Deifer can often be found painting live at concerts and festivals, though he says that he prefers to paint in his studio developing complex combinations of color and form.

Untitled by Matt Deifer

Matt's paintings are meant to be expressions of the free-form music he takes in while working, a not-so-subtle nod to Wassily Kandinsky, the man whose portfolio is the main inspiration behind Deifer's unique style. To take in Matt's work is to understand the rhythm and flow of the music he was listening to, while admiring a picture taken by Veronica is to know the exact feel of the song she was hearing at that moment. I don't know what type of music will be playing at Friday night's opening, but I can say that it won't be necessary.

The artist reception is from 6-8 pm on Friday, September 7, 2007 at Splashlight’s North Hall Gallery (529-535 West 35th Street). The exhibit is open to the public and will run through September. For more information visit or

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