Senator Harry Reid Boycott

… to retake the government in 2010: don’t stop now! Let’s roll!

I venture to say that a good number of the 41% that like boycotts for bailouts will also hate Senator Harry Reid’s meticulous involvement in forcing the ‘bazillions’ of dollars of debt to be legislated onto the backs of the honest, hard working American (legal) citizens and their progeny.

I believe that a successful boycott of Nevada — the casinos of course – and an explicit denunciation of the Senate Majority Leader’s corrupt and destructive policies will send a fear-inspiring message to every future anti-American would-be legislative branch dictator like Reid or Pelosi. Let this boycott be a warning to the nests of poisonous morons in each State or region that foists such petty tyrants on loyal freedom-loving patriots: we will no longer support or enable your irresponsible and suicidal agenda. You are NOT too big to fail!

The spectre that has been haunting

America for about a hundred years is finally leaving the shadows of clandestine code-verbiage and sinister connections. Especially within the past two years, since the election of B. Hussein O., the league of tyrants and phony humanitarians have galvanized their efforts behind the aegis of purposefully confused rhetoric. They have been known by names as varied as communists, socialists, industrial democrats, progressives, liberals, leftists, Marxists, Stalinists, Maoists, social democrats, and the like. Each time the public gets wary about the inevitable abuses committed in the name of each particular agenda, they change their name and shift their image, but their goal remains the same. Their goal, of course, is the systematic curtailing of freedom and the programmatic elimination of our most fundamental rights. They accomplish this by means of a surprisingly persistent erosion of our principles, our memory, our values, our history and our ideals. We cannot lose sight of the consistency of purpose that animates this monsterous threat to our freedom in the squabbling over labels – a squabble designed to distract the media and us from the small victories they are accumulating at the cost of our lives, liberties and futures. Senator Harry Reid is in the vanguard of a new era of tyranny. He is conspiring with B. Hussein O. to enslave not only his own constituents, but all of usevilly hostile to freedom, liberty, the United States Constitution and the American citizenry now and in the future. That is enough for me to resist them with every fiber and ability that I possess. Let history define what they are after they are undone. with economic ruin. In the last analysis, it does not matter exactly what these agents of evil are called or want to be called: the point is that they are viciously and

There is only one way for Americans to control rogue members of the Congress from another state than your own. ‘WE’ must destroy their will and treasure / funding source by way of a Tourism Boycott. No money, no candidacy!

Senator Harry Reid and his ilk, as public servants in their positions of public trust, all need a lesson in humility. We must not let them forget that we, the American people, are the masters – not they!

Just being the favorite, evil-marmoset-shoulder-pet of the alleged President B. Hussein O. does not give Constitutional legitimacy to Senator Harry Reid’s actions. Both before and since the 2010 elections Reid continues to ride roughshod over the Senate and the American people. ‘WE’ must free the US Senate from the grip of the control of Senator Harry Reid of

Nevada. Reid was re-elected by the voters there in 2010. What the hell were they thinking?

The people of

Nevada must also be made to respect the Constitution. Candidate Sharon Angle of the Tea Party grassroots movement should have won if the

Nevada people upheld the Constitution. They did not. The people of

Nevada elected Reid just like the people of

Delaware elected the self-described “bearded Marxist” and Reid’s “Lap Dog” Chris Coons instead of the constitutionalist Christine O’Donnell. A tourism boycott will no doubt affect and effect

Nevada’s voters directly. To bad for them now! Perhaps they should have chosen their representative more carefully! Personally I think

Delaware should also be on the tourism boycott list.

Hey! Harry! Nevada! We The People will no longer come to your ‘home’ for a visit. That’s correct, Harry! No more tourism to your home State – until you step down from the position of Senate Majority Leader and are re-attached back onto the constitutional leash – you know, that pesky Constitution that you took an oath and swore to protect and uphold.

Oh Harry, when did you commit the fraud, Harry? Was it before you took your Oath to the Constitution or when you became the Senate Majority Leader? Americans do not like to be defrauded Harry!

Some Information:

Nevada is number 4 of the top ten tourist destinations in the country for the year 2008 accounting for $ 54 billion dollars in income. Tourism is very likely really big for 2009-2010 as well.

Essentially we the people helped put ‘The’ most anti-American Senator from

Nevada back into the senate by being tourists there. Well, the result is that Reid, the Queen of Nevada, No, no wait, I meant the Obama Marmoset of Nevada, Reid, continues to block the Congressional House Legislation – in particular the repeal of the King’s own ‘ObamaCare’ bill – and thus prevents the United States Senate from voting on its repeal. That is despicably un-American especially as it is directly after the 2010 election where Republicans had a landslide win that took place in the US House of Representatives and across the States as well within their legislatures.

Here you have the source of the tourism information.

Top 10 States Cashing In On Tourism



When you think of

Nevada, you may first think of

Las Vegas. The state has many other attractions, including

Lake Tahoe, that help bring its total tourism income to $54 billion in 2008, a figure which has decreased slightly during the recession. Visitors to

Nevada keep 489,000 people employed, accounting for a whopping 30% of its employment.”

According to: : this is for 2009 – 2011.

67 % of the

Nevada general fund (income for the state) comes from Sales – 27.1 % and Gaming 24.2 % and so that total is – 67% of revenue for the

Nevada general fund.

Finally, I suggest that everyone interested in controlling the Progressives in the Government contact the conservative media and let them know that you are boycotting Nevada, that you will not be a tourist there until Senator Harry Reid is no longer in control of the Senate. It matters little whether you were planning to go there or not.

The Casino creeps that helped elect Reid will likely make him an offer that Reid can’t refuse.

BOYCOTT!! No Tourism to

Nevada!! BOYCOTT!! No Tourism to


BOYCOTT!! No Tourism to

Nevada!! BOYCOTT!! No Tourism to


Cc: Tea Parties and Members

All other concerned Americans


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