The Secret Life Of Angela Merkel – Not Good For EU or USA!

by Anonymous –
Former CIA –

The EU Cowering Under The Islamization Of Their Continent Dictated By Germany

The First Life of Angela M., is a biography of Angela Merkel by Ralf Georg Reuth and Günther Lachmann, revealing Merkel’s life in East Germany. The book explores Merkel’s upbringing in Democratic Republic (GDR). Her father, Lutheran Pastor Horst Kasner, was a committed socialist, with “strong sympathetic” views towards the Soviet Communist regime of the GDR. He lived in West Germany but in 1954, he moved the family into the despotism of the Communist East Berlin. Angela attended Karl Marx University of Leipzig from 1973 to 1978. Merkel has always been a devoted Marxist, according to former East German politician Günther Krause who has known Merkel family since before the Berlin Wall fell in 1991.

After graduation from university, Merkel worked for Agitation and Propaganda, a crucial instrument of the GDR responsible for the Marxist brainwashing of the population mass. Merkel claims her duties at AgitProp were simple courier duties, such as procuring theater tickets. AgitProp filled citizen’s minds with sophisticated ideological tricks to obey the GDR. Due to her deeply-ingrained Marxism-Leninism, Merkel maintained an irrefutable allegiance to the Communist GDR system. She denies she was an avid spokeswoman for Communist GDR.

Angela Merkel’s totalitarian tendencies have come to the fore, in her scheme to elevate Islamic-fascism! In spirit Merkel has reinstated the Nazi mindset full strength into Germany with a Muslim composition. Chancellor Merkel introduced mandatory Islamic instruction into German public schools, to propagandize children, to grow the Islamic-Nazi ideology. Merkel repeatedly stresses that European capitulation to Muslims is an obligation. Merkel promotes Islamacized Germany —as the imminent head of the new Mohammedan Caliphate! Currently, Muslim refugees arrive in Germany, at a rate of around 10,000 a day.

In the near future, with its own recently-imported Muslims, America will face a totalitarian German-French-Muslim Caliphate possessing the French nuclear arsenal employed for global nuclear-jihad. The Mohammedan European Caliphate will primarily speak Arab, French and German, Sharia Law will dominate Europe.

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